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For Sale:
FS: Mini3 Extended Runtime Version (price drop to $60 CAD)

Will Ship To: Canada / USA


I'm trying to finanace a tube amp.  So, if anyone is interested, my Mini3 high runtime version is for sale.  It's built 100% as recommended on AMB's site and uses stock parts.  It also has the custom silk screened Hammond case (black).  It has a gain a 5 and an accupower 9v battery.


I drilled the hole for the walwart slightly bigger so my adapter would fit.  I'll ship 15 VDC 400 ma wallwart with the amp.


I took some high res photos for people as well.  The amp works 100% perfect, I have been using it about 1 year I think.


I'm a little embarased on some of the messy soldering.  I browse previous selling prices and it seems like 70 US shipped to the US is common.  Given this, I'm asking $60 Canadian plus shipping.  If you live in the Ottawa, Canada area, you can come over and audition the amp.


Given that I'm not really known here this item is posted on ebay so people can see it.  My ebay feedback is here:






I also have a high performance version I can see if this doesn't (or if someone really wants this version instead).  The soldering is much nicer (it was built after the long runtime version).  I would have to sell it for a little more.

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