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8-bit fans?

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I feel like I'm going to be crucified for asking this. Anyone on here an 8-bit/ chip tune fan? I am and would love to find out what you guys like to listen to in this style.

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I am a fan, but I don't listen to it regularly.  My only source is what I find on 8bitpeoples.  My fave artists are bitshifter and null sleep.

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hmmmm thanks heheh never herd of this 8bitpeople.

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Yeah, quite the fan. While I love chiptunes I only have a handful like .hip/.sid/.fc3/.fc4/.mod from the Amiga days.

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i like 8bit music but it's hard to find anything i like. only song i really listen to a lot is this one


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I like Anamanaguchi but it's not completely chiptunes, they also mix in real guitars and drums (tastefully).


Anamanaguchi Site (With examples)

Anamanaguchi (8bitpeoples)


They also did the entire soundtrack to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game and they also did some work for the Bit.Trip Runner soundtrack.



P.S.  There is 16-bit chiptunes as well (that people also confuse for 8-bit).  Shouldn't the title read Chiptunes?

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Bit Shifter is awesome. Very awesome. 


Every Engadget Show has a chiptune performance at the end of it as well and most of them are pretty good.

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