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For Sale: FS: Cavalli CTH (AUS - Melbourne)

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For Sale:
FS: Cavalli CTH (AUS - Melbourne)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Bought this from Duckman earlier this year (built by wiatrob). Hammond 1602 Case with fuse, power switch. Alps RK27 pot, Russian PIO couplers. Front panel e12 Red indicator LED and amber tube uplight. Socketed output and alt heater resistors for tweakability. 1/4 Neutrik out, 1/8" mini input (bit odd here). Overall, an excellent amp (quoting sachu: "... a great little amp that competes 2 maybe even 3 times the asking price") which I've been reluctant to let go off many times. Decided I should sell it this time to finance other purchases.



Asking for $250. Will include 240 - 24 volt transformer for Australian buyers. Tubes included: Raytheon 6GU7, RCA Clear Top 6CG7 and the RFT  ECC82 12AU7. 


Will prefer to keep this within Australia (Even better if it's within Melbourne). However, will gladly ship overseas at the expense of the buyer (negotiable). 

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what kind of headphones are suited to this ? eg high or low impedence?



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Bump because this is a wiked amp and a good deal.  I used one with some thunderpants orthos and it WAILED!

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