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Just got them in at work! I obviously haven't had a chance to mess with the sound card, or really the headphones, but Ive listened to about 3 Min's. of music. They sound very good. Great? I'm not sure yet. haven't had the time to really listen to music while listing to the phone. Plus its just through my laptop and its crappy on-board sound. As soon as i opened them, i thought to myself, these are big, but not as massive as what i was reading about. I'm not going to lie. as soon as i put them on, i was disappointed because of how easy they set on my ears. they do not hug your head at all. maybe this is a plus. I'm not sure. Ive always had gaming headphones that squeeze your head. but after having them on for three minutes, and having quiet music playing, i started to become more attracted to the way they feel on my head. i LOVE the way they adjust. they are SO comfy. i cannot wait to do a detailed video review of both of these as soon as i get about 10 hours of use time. in the meantime, here are some pictures.