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Grado Sr225 414 Pads sound quality

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So I just got the 225i with 414 pads second hand. I love the sound quality, however I keep hearing the original Grado Bowls sounded better, but were much less comfortable. Any opinions on this guys? Is it worth getting the original bowls?

Also, I currently have an laptop with cheapo integrated soundcard and a fiio e5 amp coming in. What's my best option DAC wise? I was thinking of getting a USB-Xfi card.

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the bowl pad provides better SQ due to closer distance but less comfort

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I like the 414 pads (with a hole cut in the middle), better overall, for both comfort and sound.  I have SR225i's with both.  The 414 pads have better bass and are more balanced IMO.  (You can put a ring of tape around the bowls to tighten the bass, but they are still less comfortable.)


As far as a USB DAC, I wouldn't go for the X-Fi.  Creative Labs is general is aimed at gamers, not audiophiles.  I'm a big fan of iBasso.  The D10 (or D12 which I haven't heard yet) is my favorite if you want to spend that much money, but their less expensive amps are good too.

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I have 325i and much prefer the 414 pads with the reverse quarter mod. (Center cut out, installed "backward.") They're not only comfortable, as opposed to extremely uncomfortable, but if anything, sound better. I had actually gone back and tried the stockers again today.. er, yesterday, and arrived at the same conclusion; they're BS.

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