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Does anybody have meets in Asian countries?? Specifically - Taiwan? - Page 2

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According to the map on the page. It's closer to CKS Station. 

This is from the website.


I usually go to the shops by Main Station for my headphones and equipment.

Tell me what you think about them. Have been there couple times and they seemed pretty friendly and knowledgeable. 

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Right then - I have a new shop visit - awesome mate!!! TKS! smily_headphones1.gif

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haha nice... i've been looking for shops other than the ones under main station to go to as well... this one isn't too far either. i'm at ntu hospital so this one's pretty close by as well.


anyone know where to get custom in-ears around here? it seems as though most people are into full-size/portable cans, or large hi-fi stuff

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The shop I know has plenty of IEs - Shure, Sennheiser, Klipsch, UE's, Westones....but I don't know about custom...I never asked him. My Chinese is limited so...

I can try to ask next time I am there...

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Any luck with finding the the custom IEM's? I can ask around at the shops I go to. 

just noticed you had the Shure SRH 840's, How do you like them?

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I haven't had any time to go out and ask; I did, however, find out that an official Monster Cable store just opened up a couple weeks ago inside Neo19 near 101; you guys can go check out the gold/copper/MD, as well as the whole line of Beats... I went in to take a quick listen while I was there for dinner last weekend. My favorite was the Copper, unsurprisingly, but the Beats Pro are actually decent, but way too heavy and a bit too much bass for my tastes. I didn't even bother with the other Beats haha.

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Nice. Will check it out on the weekend. How were the prices? Were they cheaper or more expensive than the Apple stores? I listened to the beats pro's at inside the Eslite in the same area. It sounded a little artificial to me. You are a lot more knowledgeable about IEM's than me, what do you think of the IE8's?
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AFAIK they looked to be 'MSRP' but they did say that they were willing to make a 'discount', so I don't know how much they can be bargained down... they were 13500 for the Coppers, and an exorbitant 16500 for the Miles Davis. I forgot to check the price for the Beats Pro. And I agree, the Beats Pro do sound a bit artificial, but they do sound loads better than the Studios. Unfortunately, I have not heard the IE8s, so I can't give a frank opinion. From what I've heard, they have the best soundstage of any IEM, but I have no idea how wide it is exactly, as most IEMs have pretty tiny head space. IMO, Sennheiser is way overpriced in Taiwan, as are Monster and Shure. For full-size cans, Beyer prices seem reasonable, and for IEMs, Westone offers reasonable prices. A-T is, as it is anywhere, not cheap. As a poor student, and with the value of the US dollar dropping faster than you can say "quantitative easing", I've not been able to buy anything these days. That's why I stick with the de-facto budget brand here, Superlux.

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Haha, I think everything is overpriced here. Thats why I get people coming over from the States to bring over ones I have bought on Amazon. There is a shop closer to Hsimen Station

that gives me decent prices because I go so often. I used to have more IEM's but love the soundstage and comfort of full size ones now. I have the Superlux HD681B, but it's one of the least used of all my headphones. But how do you like the HD668B's? I alos noticed that you like photography also. Where and what do you like to take photographs of? 

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Yeah, I found out a couple of months ago that one of the guys at EarZone went to the same high school as me in the states. Helps build rapport, but I've haven't been able to take advantage, except take extended listens of anything I want, but they do that for everyone anyway, so I guess I'm not that special. The 668B is a step above the 681B. I convinced my friend to get the 681B by virtue of price because it was like a 668B-lite, but to me the bass was less controlled and the upper end too harsh, and overall a lot more grainy than the 668B. Some people on here assume that the 681 and 668 are very similar, but the 668 is definitely better in every way. I can't decide whether to save up for the UM Mage or for a nice DAC/Amp, or for a nice fast lens a la 135mm f/2. I'm sure you can sympathize with this quandary! biggrin.gif


My academic commitments have limited my free time, so I haven't been able to shoot much lately, but I like all sorts of photography, from street, landscape, portraiture, and anything else. I guess this isn't the forum to discuss this, so you can PM, or check out my Flickr.

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Where is earzone located at? I am interested in recabling my CAL!'s. But haven't found a place that I feel comfortable with. Went to Guan Hwa to get a custom cable made for my Fiio E7. But want more options and to compare. The 15cm piece of wire ended up costing 1400 NT. I tried out the 668B's also, but might look into a pair of XB700's or TM1's. I usually alternate with what I upgrade, just bought the Tamron 70-300mm VC, so headphones are next. I really like,my Fiio E7 and am considering the E9 in the future. Love it as a DAC and its about the same as the E5 as an amp.


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I guess technically their storefront is called EarTron (億而創) and their original place is now being converted into a warehouse. The storefront, like the original store, is located between Taipei Main Station and Ximen, at No. 80, Kaifeng Street, Section 1 (台北市開封街一段80號). It's nestled due west of Chongqing S. Rd. but not quite reaching Zhonghua Rd. There's a picture of the storefront on this thread: http://www.earzone.com.tw/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=1798, A bit of trivia --- sometimes there's a golden retriever (named Hamburger) that sits by the parking garage to the left of the store.


I don't know if they do recabling services though, although I notice they have a pair of Edition 10s on sale on their auction site.

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Haven't had a chance to visit EarTron, been busy with CNY and work. Have you ever dealt with the Audio-Technica store across from Sogo? Am thinking of getting a ATH-Pro700MK2 from them.

Had a look at the earzone site and saw the second hand section of it, are there any other sites where I can look for second hand headphones besides Ruten?

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Sorry, I don't know of the Audio-Technica store across from Sogo. Which Sogo? There are several on ZhongXiao E. Rd. -- the green Fuxing store, the white Zhongxiao Store, and the grey Dunhua store


FYI, AFAIK, here's a list of places that let you listen to headphones and IEMs in Taipei:


1) Music Hi-Fi, on Chongqing S. Road, near CKS Memorial MRT

2) PinCha, on Kaifeng St., between Zhonghua Rd. and Yanping Rd.

3) EarTron on Kaifeng St., between Yanping Rd and Bo Ai Rd.

4) Monster Cable, First Floor of Neo19, near Taipei 101

5) Don't know what it's called, but it's a small booth inside NOVA, the computer mall across from Shin Kong Mitsukoshi at Taipei Main Station.


Music Hi-Fi

They have a large selection of full-sized cans and amps on display and fewer IEMs available for listening (but they do have some rarities in Taiwan, like the Sleek Audio SA6, etc.); whichever brand, you name it, they have it (AKG, Alessandro (but no Grado for some reason), Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, etc.) and they're all available freely for audition. They even have the HD800 hooked up to a very high end system (I forget what), but you need extra special permission to listen to it. Their amp selection is nice too, having recently become the Taiwan distributor for Schiit Audio. They also have the requisite Taiwanese brands Keces, Firestone, Kingrex, etc. High-end stuff like Weiss is also available in their special listening room.



The area of PinCha is quite small, but they pack a lot into it. I noticed they had some Woo Audio on their shelves; didn't ask if I could listen. I did, however listen to the Grado GR10 there. I'm going there for a second listen to see if I want to actually buy it, and maybe get lucky with the Westone 4 that just landed in Taiwan. On the full-sized part, I know they have AKG, Grado, and Sony available, but I haven't asked to listen. They also have a large array of head amps available from the Taiwanese brands (I'm most interested in the U2 from DA&T), as well as high end Benchmark DAC1, etc.



It feels the most pedestrian of the three stores because it only has headphones and IEMs for people to listen to; one has to goto their old place, EarZone, on Zhonghua Rd. around the corner to listen to their amps and sources. However, it is to me the most friendly of the three. They are very relaxed and let you listen to several pairs to compare against at the same time. This is where I do most of my heavy listening. I can take my time and compare between the UM3x, SE535, ER4P, IE8, etc. without feeling pressured. The PinCha owners seem okay, but they're usually very busy, so it's a cramped space. Music Hi-Fi is good too, but since I mostly listen to IEMs, I go there less, especially when they've slow getting back to me about whether or not they'll help me order Unique Melody customs.



You can imagine what it's like here. It's very consumer oriented but they do have all the Monster products available for audition, from the entire Beats line to the Turbine line. Of course, you'll also get the inflated corporate prices here too --- the Miles Davis is 16,000 NT!



Another non-audiophile oriented establishment. However, they do carry a nice selection of Audio-Technica; this is where I listened to the ATH-CKM77, the first time I listened to the AD700, the M50, and the Sennheiser HD25-1 II. They have other products there too, as well as the whole gamut of Shure products. Most of the IEMs they have available to listen are lower end though. Unfortunately, it's probably the loudest place of all, since it's inside a bustling computer mall with people competing for customers and a line of people next to them for the Shin Yeh buffet upstairs.



Hope this was helpful to all my fellow Taipei Head-Fiers.

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Just saw this post haha! It was very helpful. I also like the guys at Earzone. They are very friendly and welcoming. It's perhaps the only store where I feel most comfortable listening to headphones without feeling like I'm intruding. On my listening visits they'll even suggest headphones or IEMs that I should try. BTW, if anyone lives in Hsinchu, there is a nuforce store next to Jiao Tong University campus (I'll try finding the exact address) that has a decent collection of headphones and IEMs as well. They are sooo nice. They even make me Orange juice and coffee on my visits!!


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