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use comply foams. i've tried both olives and comply, and nothing beats the comply stuff. expensive, but it's the nature of this "hobby".

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Seriously what is the big deal here?  When you buy the ER-4PT Etymotic will give you a piece of paper with YOUR IEM FR data on it, both L and R channels, and a serial code, if you them look at your IEM the L and R earpiece will have the SAME serial code as on the piece of paper Etymotic provided, as proof that the FR data you are receiving is of YOUR inidividual IEM.


It's not just a massively photocopied piece of paper with a signature on it.


Etymotic is offering you something no other IEM company will, unless you venture into customs at much higher prices, if you don't like the FR graph of your IEM when you receive it (in the off chance the L and R channels aren't matched and the engineer was drunk when signing the paper) then you can send it back and ask for a new one.


I'm impressed by the FR chart, accessories, packaging, cable etc. of the ER-4PT, but I'm having a hard time with the fit and the sound (SO FAR), I'm going to keep trying.


Here is my post from a different thread:



Ya... I got a better fit... they sounded pretty good for a while until the Etyrāpic EarRape-4PeneTration blocked my right ear so I can't listen to anything right now.


They sound analytical, maybe if I was a cyborg with dual-mono input processor jacks on my head I'd appreciate them, the analysis is overrated though, I've heard higher detail retrieval elsewhere, unless you have to place the "syringe" of sound exactly 4mm away from each eardrum and I'm missing something, will try Shure Olive tips later, sigh.




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Ok, I have comply, I'll try them when my ear is fixed... thanks.

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I'm going for the ER4PT's  I'll order them tomorrow from J&R and haggle em down. I was at the audiologist (having impressions made is interesting, everyone should do it) for my UM56 custom tips for the UM3X's I just got, and some "47" earplugs for work. and the Westone AC1's are $300 so I'm gonna buy a few more universals (and cram custom tips on whichever ones will accept them).

Congrats :)  The Etymotic sound may not be the most detailed, but the ability to convey a sense of clarity is really special.


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Comply made the Etyrapic even more sibilant.



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Weird indeed!


Especially considering people say I favour BRIGHT IEM's and headphones, and that most people throw the Sony MDR-EX700 in the garbage can calling it too sibilant and I don't find it sibilant (I find it harsh though).


I found the Sony SA-5000 sibilant with "s" and "ts" sounds so sharp you can feel them in your nasal cavity, however I think it calmed down after burn-in, and even pre-burn-in I could live with that novelty, it was quite "nice" sounding sibilance, not overly piercing, just resonating sharpness.


The Etymotic ER-4PT has a huge hill from 1kHz to 6kHz peaking at 2.5kHz, it also has a spike at 10kHz (actually mine is 9.75kHz) which should be fine, so I can't see any sibilance on the graph, unless it's in the 1kHz-6kHz zone.


Will do further research later, but yes, it's weird.


It could be a fit issue, maybe, I couldn't get a good fit at first, and when I did (EarRape 4 PeneTration) I went half-deaf in my right ear, so I didn't have much time to analyze the sound (maybe the earwax created a sonic chamber that altered the FR prior to hitting my eardrum) seems unlikely but we'll see after I pour hydrogen peroxide in my ears or whatever so I have crystalline detoxed ear canals.


It's so annoying I have an earwax block for the first time in 12 years, on the same day I have the largest Hi-Fi influx in my life.









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I have to disagree, I've heard better detail retrieval in other IEM's like the ck10, in which it's easier to pick up the details thanks to the superior imaging and layering.


I'll also put Shure SRH-940 out there, since it has the same RRP as the Ety ER-4PT and is definitely a level up in detail retrieval (superior to CK10)


Of course, I should just be quiet until I've done proper testing of the ER-4 with critical listening, but those are my impressions so far.

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dang, try fiddling around with different sizes. you should not get ANY sibilance. it took me a few months of trying out Ms and Ls before i settled on Ls.

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Comply made the Etyrapic even more sibilant.




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I only have comply T-100 size S, the other Comply's don't fit on the nozzle.


I'll try Shure Olives or something after I get my ear fixed at the audiologist, or those foamy tubey things that come with it.

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Originally Posted by BenonBen View Post

Pros: insanely, forensically detailed. You can hear guitarists pouting and hairs growing on the singer's upper lip. Even the women.

Cons: small soundstage, a bit boring and dry sounding compared to other top iems, uncomfortable after not very long.


There you go - my Ety experience.




On another note, I'm going to be using CUSTOM•FIT tips, so getting a good "fit" won't be an issue, I might get them end of this month (or make a deposit on some Custom IEM's, I've picked out my first ones!!!). as for the dynamics I just bought I dont feel comfy using custom tips on dynamics, driver flex kills. Comply tips would be a good solution for them,  especially the EX1000's.

On ANOTHER note, I had to exchange my UM3X RC's, I opened the box for the first time last night, and the plastic tray that holds them stripped some of the insulation off the wire!, down to bare wire in one spot, AND the pins on the cord for the right driver were bent, A $40 CORD!!!  I will not tolerate that from an IEM I JUST paid $400 for!

For a company that prides itself for being made in the USA they should polish their QC a little bit, my $20 MEelec M6's from China were flawless, and I've NEVER had any problems like this with cans I've bought. It is hard for a "can" guy like myself to move into IEM's and then shell out considerable amounts of cash to have this happen, NOT COOL!

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Im interested in getting an impedance adapter for my new ER4PT but im not sure if I shld get the 75ohm or 300ohm one. Or is it a bad idea to go for 300ohms? Ill probably use the adapter with my home rig only anyway so waht are ur opinion guys? Im thinking of buying a Schiit Lyr in the future which is why im considering 300ohm plus i was led to believe higher impedance can reduce hiss with high power amps? Thnx for any help u can give guys :)

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Each of the tips sound a little different.  I usually prefer the original white/beige flanged ones, but they become a bit slippery with age and can be prone to coming off the stems in your ear.  I'm good at getting them out with tweezers, though.  The newer gray flanged one I don't think are soft enough.  The small blue ones are nice material but too small for me.  The gray foam slider ones don't last long or seal quite as good as the others.  And the gray normal foam ones are pretty good, but don't isolate quite as well as the flanges.  Best combo of sound and isolation might be with the originals white flanges me thinks.  Again, I'm using the S model.  Never heard or bothered with the P.

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No comments on a 300ohm adapter for the Etys? XD

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We don't send out ER-4's of any version that have an overall level difference from 100Hz-10kHz of 2dB.  When we do a repair and can't find an adequate match for the other transducer we replace both of them.  If you have a repair in question I think the curves might be retained with the repair information.


We don't advertise or list on our datasheet that we match the other ER-4's.  WE used to keep the paper printouts of the frequency response on all of the units. I recently had to recycle 20 file cabinets of printouts from old units because we are running out of space.  The ER-4PT includes the information on the transducer along with some extra accessories.  In the future there might be more accessories included.  It takes more time to test and package the ER-4PT to make sure the proper curve is included in the box.


If you want the ER-4S response without an adapter you should buy the ER-4S.  The units will still be matched.


Note:  Insertion depth difference of 6mm between your two ears can create a 2dB level difference (with any IEM), assuming you can actually hear it.


Don Wilson

Originally Posted by kiteki View Post

Uh, what's all this about Ety being lax on their QC..?


If anything, the ER-4PT is matched and signed, so it should be one of the least lax IEM's in QC out there..????


I don't see what all this philosophy is about, just get the ER-4PT at the cheapest price you can and be done with it, it's the exact same IEM as ER-4P and ER-4S except it's higher in QC than the ER-4P and convertible to the ER-4S with a simple adapter, whereas the ER-4S is not convertible to the ER-4P/T.  Thus... the ER-4PT is the best one to choose, it really is that simple ok.........


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It has been a while since your last visit to the forum, Don. Welcome back.

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It's been long enough that I forgot my password, and I ended up with a default avatar that was a nice looking amplifier I didn't recognize.  I switched it for a funny picture of my dog so I wouldn't get too many amp questions I couldn't answer.


I do look at times, but don't respond as much.

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