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Where to buy ATH-M50 (coiled cord)?

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After spending a week reading reviews and absorbing knowledge from the forums here, I've decided on the ATH-M50 (coiled cord).


Any reliable retailers where I can purchase these with the coiled cord without paying almost msrp?

Amazon carries the ATH-M50 for a decent price, but apparently only the straight-cabled version...




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I believe Amazon carries both forms.  The coiled cable version is a little more expensive at Amazon, but only by about a dollar. (US)



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Thanks! I can't believe I overlooked that listing.

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I just picked up a pair of straight-cabled ATH-M50s from Amazon last week, and I went through the process of making sure I did not get the coiled version.   Loving these headphones paired with my HeadRoom Micro Amp.  I went with the straight cable as I was trying to resolve the aggravation I was experience with my Grado SR80i's cable when sitting at my desk at work.  That and the M50s are better suited to my taste in sound.  Although, the M50 places Ann Wilson's voice in the background on Heart's "Magic Man", where the Grado's show more emphasis on her vocals. So, a few songs that I enjoy sounded better on the Grados, but overall I still prefer the M50s.


At very low listening levels, these M50s are perfect.  It's almost as if they have a natural "loudness" setting as the lower and upper range seem boosted slightly when compared to the mids, which is ideal for most music when listening at a very low volume level.


Enjoy 'em!

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B and H has them for $109 and free shipping. I ordered them and they were at my door in 3 days.(considering you live in the United States near NY and NJ). they also sell the coiled and straight versions.

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