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For Sale: FS: Sennheiser MX760, Fiio E1

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For Sale:
FS: Sennheiser MX760, Fiio E1

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Unfortunately, I only have two ears. So it's time again to sell some of the earphones that don't get the use they deserve.


First to go are my UE700, that have literally been used for just one minute. I got them from Logitech as replacements under warranty, when the right ear piece on my first set went quiet (which I later realized I could fix by replacing the filters).

They're SOLD, including all the original accessories are included and the ear tips (including two sets of Complys) are unused.





The second earphones I'm selling are a clear set of clear Meelec M6. I bought them for a review and they're really nice, but I prefer my UE700, SA6 and HJE900. I've only used them for 20 hours plus another 20 of burn-in. It would be a shame if they ended up forgotten in some drawer, so I'm selling them instead.

These are now SOLD. Accessories are complete and I'll clean the triple flanges I've used before I ship them.


Meelec M6



I bought Sennheiser's last-generation earbud flagship MX760, hoping they'd come close to the amazing MX980 I tried at our Berlin headfi meet. But alas, they don't compare and I barely used them (total of 10 hours max, so not even properly burned in yet). Part of the problem may be that they're too big for my ears and I can't get a proper fit.
They're still pretty detailled and balanced for earbuds and compete with lower-end Yuins, but I have no use for them.

Willing to let them go for EUR 15 plus shipping, including the original pouch, cord extension and earbud protector.





Another thing I haven't used much recently is my black Fiio E1 Ipod amp/remote combo. It's still in excellent shape and hasn't been used since I've upgraded to the E5 and then E7.

It's yours for EUR 10 plus shipping.


Fiio E1



Combo deals available if you buy more than one item. Might be willing to trade too, if you've got something interesting to offer.

Sorry, forgot to add that I prefer paypal payments. Local pickup available as well, if you happen to be in Berlin, Germany.

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Received a couple of PMs about the UE700, but nothing final yet.


Price drop on everything else.

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I'll take the M6 if still available!


PM sent.

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The Meelecs are now sold. The UE700 is still available, I've lowered prices a little.

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Further price drops. I'll be adding my JVC HA-RX700 later today.

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Final round of price drops before I put the stuff on Ebay.

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My friend have you sold the mx 760?

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