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That depends how you define "better". For me for example it means whatever headphone I'm enjoying more that sounds more according to my own taste, not what the manufacturer thinks is better. :p I won't go further from here as this is the never ending discussion topic but my point is sound is highly subjective and you shouldn't need to tell other headphones that are expensier or more liked overall has to be better cuz of that, that's like saying your own prefers/taste have no value whatsoever. Every's opinion is of equal value, it's just we have different taste that determines what headphones are more suited for us and no1 but yourself can find out what exactly that is.


Absolutely. Unless they are actually not good, say produce lots of distortion...  However, I would think most of the headphones recommended in Head Fi are basically good in one way or another...

I think the scientific community would have a field day with that.. LOL. But yes, I agree with the gist of it.biggrin.gif