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HFI-580 or HFI-780?

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So a while back I needed new headphones as my old one's were broken (Koss Pro4AAT) but I managed to get them fixed for free and kept on using them. Now I'm finally able to afford new one's and been researching a lot and it looks like I'm having a battle with the HFI-580 vs HFI-780.

Problem here is, the price difference is a whopping 50€ (580 137€, 780 187€) and there's hardly any direct comparison between these 2 cans. All I hear the 580 seems to have more bass, and the 780 reaches higher frequencies, but what about the overall SQ, is the 780 considerably better? Enough to warrant that price difference, especially considering future-proofing if it does indeed have better SQ(?)?


90% of my music is goa/psytrance/trance, but I do quite enthusiastically enjoy certain movie/game soundtracks(Hans Zimmer, Jesper Kyd to name a few) as well.


Going to be running it off of Asus Xonar ST soundcard.


Thanks a lot for your help.

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Bamp before bed, hope to get some replies, because I'm most probably going to order one these on the 24th.

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I've never heard the 780's but I've had my HFI-580's for about a year now and I completely recommend them. They were a little clampy on my head at first but they loosened up and the sound is really fun and rich. The soundstage seems pretty wide to my rather novice ears (this is my first set of phones that didn't come with my latest gadget). They pump out just a bit more bass than most of the other cans in that range did and I love them for it. The overall sound quality is excellent IMO, I'm not looking for a flat sig reference level set of cans though.


I listen to everything from ambient dream-pop to minimal techno, jazz and classic rock to classical and I've yet to find a significant fault that I can perceive. Hope these thoughts help.

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I think HFI-580 are probably gonna satisfy more users that's listening to those genres. The sound is warm and the bass is very punchy, the treble can be a bit too excessive on HFI-780 for some so for a cheaper price you can't go wrong with the 580 IMO.

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I agree with RPGWizard.  You might as well go for the 580. The 780 have a "better" sound overall, but more users would be pleased with a 580 in a blind test.  Throw the price in, and it's a no brainer.

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Originally Posted by shnitz View Post

I agree with RPGWizard.  You might as well go for the 580. The 780 have a "better" sound overall, but more users would be pleased with a 580 in a blind test.  Throw the price in, and it's a no brainer.

That depends how you define "better". For me for example it means whatever headphone I'm enjoying more that sounds more according to my own taste, not what the manufacturer thinks is better. :p I won't go further from here as this is the never ending discussion topic but my point is sound is highly subjective and you shouldn't need to tell other headphones that are expensier or more liked overall has to be better cuz of that, that's like saying your own prefers/taste have no value whatsoever. Every's opinion is of equal value, it's just we have different taste that determines what headphones are more suited for us and no1 but yourself can find out what exactly that is.

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Looks like I'm gonna get the HFI-580 then. Thanks for the replies.


One more thing though, would it be a good choice to get the beyer DT250 velour pads(14.60€) along with it? Is it easy to switch between the pads?

I wear glasses and going by most hfi-780 threads people are saying they aren't that comfortable(and HFI-580 looks about the same), especially with glasses. Note that my current phones, Pro4AAT are just awful with glasses, never could wear them with glasses because they clamped way to hard.

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Anyone have a take on the velour pads?

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 I have the Hfi780s, and the first thing I did was get the 250 velour pads.

They are alot more comfy than the stock pleather. I wear glasses too,

the velour pads are better. I also have a large head, and the clamping

problem was solved by stretching over a small speaker.

 Mine also benefitted by burning in for a week hooked up to FM on a receiver

in a back room.



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The 250 pads worked for me to on my 780's.

The only thing about the pads is that they make the room for your ears a bit smaller.

So if you have REALLY big ears, i would not buy them :)

hope you enjoy

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Where can I get the 250 pads- online?

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I would say two things about my HFI 780, first of all place them over 4-5 thick books for couple of days to decrease the tight grip and play the music at the same time to break them in. Second in spite of 32 ohm impedance these don't sound good from ipod, iphone directly. They need amplification. At home I'm getting very good sound from my SONY amp. Grado SR 225 that I had sounded great directly from ipod, but I didn't like them for other reasons. So even though I like my Ultrasone's I'm a bit disappointed cause I need to spend money for the portable amp now. So they are not universal. I'm still looking for perfect headphone that would do it all. My philips SHP 54001 is on the way and my HF5 are on the way, so we will see how good these are for portable use. At home I will keep the Ultrasone even though I have to say that I see little value in them cause both my home audio and my car audio sound better. What I mean that these headphones simply don't achieve the same SQ that I have out of speakers. So I'm not gonna listen to them a lot at home.

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Thanks for the replies, everyone. I decided to go for the 580 because of the price difference. Though, I didn't get the pads along with it but if I really do need them I'll probably get em later.

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+1 for burning in these headphones for a week or so. It seemed to improve the treble performance for mine in particular. I used the track here to burn mine: http://www.jlabaudio.com/burn.php

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So I received my HFI 580 and out of the box they sounded like I expected, odd treble and even odder bass. But what struck me as even more odd, I don't get the clamping at all! I come from Koss Pro4AAT(Just google it) and even with glasses these things are so much more comfortable, it's not even funny. But as with that, it feels like they are more like feathers on my ears (for now at least) and the bass seems to be toned down compared to the Koss's because of that. And regarding the post above, what about burning in with music?

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