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just got an email back about availability. you can still order an NFB-12 currently.

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Yeah I e-mailed again and this time I was told I could order it. I think the key is to keep the e-mails very straight and to the point.

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I just sent an email asking for an NFB-12 too. I want to try out a dual Wolfson :) It will be perfect for my PC.

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May I ask a (stupid) question ???? The last of the year, I promise !! confused_face.gif


With the NFB-12, may I use RCA cable to my tube amp ? and this way I could choose between my tube headphone amp or the NFB 12 ???


Is this possible? If so, I'll put my DACmagic for sale and try the NFB12... this way, I'll know a bit about Audio-GD...


Thanks for your time



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Yes, there is a dac rca output on NFB 12.

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NFB-12 & 11 does have a DAC out. So, yes, you can use it as a preamp and feed directly to an amp.


I wouldn't sell that DacMagic until you actually get the NFB-12 though....audio-gd has a pretty good backlog of orders to produce right now, and not many people to work on it.


Hang on a week, as I'll have a few things to test out and report back on:


NFB-11 arrived yesterday.

Emotiva's well liked USP-1 preamp and UPA-2 amp arrives on Wednesday.


This will give me a good chance to test out the NFB-11 versus a good preamp.

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I know these are not out to the masses yet, but will the NFB-12 be able to drive the Beyerdynamic DT770 600 ohms? I am contemplating on either the 250 or 600 ohms and some threads that I have read suggests that the 600 ohms version is the best.

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Just check around the forum to see how well the FUN and Sparrow work with 600 ohm headphones since the amp is very similar as far as power output. 6Moons reviewed the M-Stage which has similar output and felt it was lacking for 600 ohm cans. You need a lot of voltage and a fair amount of current. Audio-GD publishes current at 600ohms, but I don't think Vp-p is available. The 600ohm Beyers push 750ohms in the mid-bass region.

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My 600-Ohm T1 drive perfectly off the Sparrow, the volume sitting at about 10-11 o'clock for comfort with lots of headroom. NFB-12/FUN have the same output, so it's plenty. There was not much difference going to the LD MKIII, which has over twice the power output of the Sparrow for 600-Ohm, so they were well fed to begin with. You'd probably want to flip the gain switch on the NFB-12 to the +12 setting.

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order placed!

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If only it had 2 outputs. I need to feed a headphone amp and my active desktop speakers.

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ugh, i'm emailing them to get a confirmation of shipping price + paypal fee so i can order!~!! the agony!

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The agony for me was deciding to order the NFB12 before the NFB11 because I thought I would get the NFB12 before the NFB11.  Now I cannot get the NFB11 with the Sabre 9018 , when I purchased the NFB12 in the email I stated that I would purchase the NFB11 later , I wonder if....

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can anyone confirm how much the total price with shipping and paypal fee is to USA/CAN? What is the prefered shipping method?


thx thx

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Originally Posted by panda-R View Post

can anyone confirm how much the total price with shipping and paypal fee is to USA/CAN? What is the prefered shipping method?


thx thx

Here is the link for shipping charges.


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