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For Sale: UE Triple.fi 10

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
UE Triple.fi 10

Will Ship To: CONUS

Up are my liked but just-not-loved triple fi 10's. Make no mistake, the sound is FANTASTIC, but the fit just wasn't ever good enough for my head. In process of getting customs, so I need to make room.


Asking *price drop: SOLD*, Money Order or Paypal (Paypal preferred). Price includes shipping CONUS, and Paypal fees if we go that route.


They are in perfect condition, have ~50 hours on them. All accessories are included, as is orignal box/packing. Tips used were sanitized before I repackaged for photoshoot; only thing missing is one set of comply tips, but I will happily throw in a set of shure olives for anyone wanting to do the olive tip mod (I tried it and liked it best, but ripped the olives when taking them off for photo shoot, you didn't want to see my earwax anyway).


PM if interested, if these are nabbed before 11/24, I can ship them pre-Thanksgiving, if after, there may be a 2 day delay (will be out of town)

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Pre-Turkey Bump! Pre-Turkey Price Drop!

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So I put this up a loooong time ago, and then when I got my jh5's life became more complicated, and hearing things didn't, so I haven't been back to head-fi in a while. These are still up for grabs, and still in the exact same condition as they were when I posted two years ago. Any interested, PM me!

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These usually go for around $120 - $140 on our boards. Even Amazon sells them new for $193.

We're not in 2008 anymore, the year is almost 2013.

But good luck to you Sir.
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Ok, ok, I got a PM nudge, and an (appropriate) public chastisement overnight, and thus a price drop. For the record, it was 2010, not 2008 when I put 'em up the first time, but I still apologize for only looking at the first pop-up amazon price ($250) and thinking "200 is totally reasonable!"


Anyway, ACTUALLY REASONABLE PRICE DROP! I am still paying shipping (CONUS only, please), and transaction fees if paypal (preferred)

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Frankenbump! I have been busy for the last year(s... had a kid, bought a house, got a growed up job, etc.), and wondering if there is any interest in these still.

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FINALLY! Sale completed. I would love to see a stat on how many classified ads linger for 4 years AND end with an amicable transfer of headphones...

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