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Been working overnight shift at hotels for years. The "night audit" shift.


At the time I chose my name, The Screen Savers was still going strong on TechTV (Curse you, Comcast!), and Kevin Rose had a segment known as the Dark Tipper. I combined the two and became... DarkAudit.


It has the advantage of being unique enough that I've never seen it used elsewhere by anyone other than myself. So if you see another DarkAudit around, it's probably me. beyersmile.png

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My first name is Gilles, and my user name comes from a sicilian friend when we were foreign students in Finland (I'm French), the first e-mail he sent me in 97, began like that "Hi dgilz, how r u doin' ?" I found his way to spell my name very funny and original, I use it mostly as a username on forums.

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Kirosia is  **** *** in Yiddish.

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I'm simply not cool enough to be the Alphadingo.

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Inebriated mistake.  Platypus was taken so I just kept going up the biological ladder.

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Kirosia is  **** *** in Yiddish.

wait, really?


edit: google says NO

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I was reading an article and somewhere on the page there was a phrase that said "bringing the lulz". I liked the phrase, and turned it into "I bring da lulz".

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Swoosh = Swish = Nothing but net


I play basketball for my school so..

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well, I was reading some articles about Native Americans history, culture, etc., in particular the Lenni Lenape indians... so when I finally decided to register, after lurking for long time, that name stuck in my mind and couldn't think of anything else + I kinda liked it, so I used that tongue_smile.gif

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I'm at half-power.

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"Silent One".... quiet, reserved nature. 

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I'm from Norway.

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R=first initial of first name

Pearce=last name

14=favorite number

75=number from when I played football


I'm not that creative tongue.gif

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I've always been called James by most of my friends and Khoi (my Vietnamese name) by most of my family and relatives. Many years ago, I used to play counterstrike, and had friends and relatives that I played with who called me both of the names. jaykay essentially is my first two initials...and I thought it was a decent gaming handle at the time lol.

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I Love You Man is my favorite movie and Sidney Fife is one of the main characters.

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