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For Sale: (SOLD): Rickboxed iRiver H320

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
(SOLD): Rickboxed iRiver H320

Will Ship To: CONUS

Bought iRiver H320 MP3 player from a fellow Head-fier about a week ago as an alternative option for upgrading to 80GB capacity. I finally decided to upgrade my H120 due to its optical in/out. No need to keep it and put on sale asking for $OLD shipped within CONUS.


Link of iRiver for sale post for pictures and condition:


I would say the fully functional player is in good condition in term of cosmetics. Besides imperfections the previous seller disclosed, there are also a ding on the HOLD button and some wear on front and back panel. All accessories I received with H320 will be included.

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It's been SOLD.

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