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Hey Now,


The Ortho bug has bitten hard, but not enough scratch right now for the LCD-2s. I snagged a pair of Fostex T50RPs and am going to try and build a pair of Thunderpants. I have more time than money right now. Bike won't be able to be sold till spring any way. 


I remember the LCD-2s being somewhat large and heavy, but comfortable for me. I didn't experience the clamping pressure as much as Bubu1, but I felt they were big (definitely not used to that size of headphone). The HD800s fit so right, I couldn't believe how nice they felt (and sounded excellent as well). It was nice being able to try the different headphones out though, it makes shopping for the next pair easier (know which ones to eliminate, like the AT with wings, they did not fit my head at all). 


Way to go SoupRKnowva, what do you think you might be getting to drive those LCD2s? 


Yeah, I'm up for another meet. Hope we can do another one pretty soon. 



Finest kind,