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Hey everyone! I just joined the forum, because now i get to finally start listing to music the way it was to :p I just ordered a pair of ATH-A700 headphones and Creative's X-Fi Titanium card. I will be doing a video review for both of them as soon as i get them in. They should be here Tuesday. So, does anyone here have either of these? what are your current thoughts on them if you do? I have a pair of new Logitech G930 headphones that i've had under three months. I'm not replacing them, i just wanted a really good set of music headphones. :) 


I have a very broad range of music. If i had to choose, i would say rap is my favorite type. Not the new age rap, rap like B.I.G, 2Pac, Eminem, Dr. Dre, things like that. But i listen to tons of music. Eminem\Eric Clapton\Metallica\Tool\Elton John\Rascal Flatts\Jimmy Cliff. And i have finally collected about 300GB of FLAC albums. So i cannot wait to start listing to all my favorite music again!

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