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Originally Posted by tme110 View Post

I may just get the NX and NXE cards and play with them for a week or 2 since they come with 30 day returns.

That sounds like a plan!  Let us know how it turns out.  Do break it in for at least 100 - 200 hours before evaluating though.  It's easy since you can just wirelessly play files non-stop without putting any wear on the disc mechanism.


Originally Posted by tme110 View Post

It's also interesting that nuforce was working on a $1500 NXE (extreme) version for the 95 but dropped it because they couldn't make it sound better than it already was.

I think what they meant is they couldn't make it sound better than the NXE edition.  I'm pretty sure they think the NXE sounds better than the BDP-95.


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Originally Posted by Opiy View Post

So do you guys think the oppo-95 would make for a good DAC? I do have a home theater that I use the PS3 for blu-rays but I have always wanted an OPPO but if I could use it for a DAC and home theater it would be great. I also like how it can play music from an external hard drive since my music collection is digital. What do you all think?

Do know that these players can't act like a traditional DAC, in the sense that they don't have any digital inputs that are fed from another device.  However, if you plan to use the Oppo to watch blu-ray/DVD/streaming content or listen to DVD-A/SACD/CD/streaming content, then you will get to use the internal DACs for all those purposes.  In that case, if you have good enough amps and speakers (or headphones), the BDP-95 or BDP-93 NXE would be a good bet.  I avoided the BDP-95 for one reason, the cooling fan.  If it didn't have that I would have had a harder time deciding what to buy.  But because it did I went straight for the BDP-93 NXE.


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Ahh I see, I did not even think to look for that. Oh well, it will remain on the list for the home theater but not for the headphone DAC.


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I use it as my primary headphone DAC.  It has the following inputs:


CDs,DVDs, BD etc


USB thumb drive

USB 1 and 2 hard drive

eSata hard drive


wifi - fully DNLA compliant and finds streams automatically

   Windows7 free homegroup - win7 automatically streams everything in your music directory anyway

  iTunes homeshare - the same thing that shares an iTunes library between all your computers

  most any other streaming services


I already had ORB streaming to my iphone and I turned on the streaming that comes on my NAS and the Oppo picked up 5 seperate streams on my network. The only one it couldn't really play off of was ORB and I have no idea why.  It did play ORB files but it was way too slow.  And unlike airshare, appleTV etc, if you stream the music in full resolution, it will not down sample it to 16/44


Personally, I have my entire FLAC library on 2 25-gig BD-ROMs and I play off of those.


I do wish it had at least 1 other input, esp since the DAC is so nice but it's never been an impact

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I've talked to a couple people about the fan and none of them have ever heard it come on.  I know it was a big issue when it first came out but I think that was quickly fixed.  I really don't think it was there for pure music anyway - it may be there just in case for 7-channel DTS or something.  But the 95 was built specifically as an upgrade for analog outputs and even more specifically to be used as a 2-channel SE and balanced source.

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So the 93 will play FLAC files from an external drive if connected via USB or E-SATA? 

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Yes, and at any resolution.


Even though it will play them well it does seem like that got the hard stuff down but skipped on the easy stuff.  The interface will remind you of MS-DOS (or unix) and if you have a large collection it gets hard to find things.  There are some shortcuts you need to know.  It turns out better for me if I use a couple different folders in the root directory to split stuff up and make it easier.  For some reason there is no search function.  But if you do have a thumb drive, a hard drive and a couple 'streams' available, it keeps the music on each sepearate.


It will also play movies off said hard drive.


Unfortunately you do need a TV (or something) hooked up to do anything besides playing disks.

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Originally Posted by bcwang View Post

That sounds like a plan!  Let us know how it turns out.  Do break it in for at least 100 - 200 hours before evaluating though.  It's easy since you can just wirelessly play files non-stop without putting any wear on the disc mechanism.


It turns out I may be the wrong person for this.  I got my hands on a 95 for the weekend and I'm not sure how well I can even tell them apart (and the 93 is stock).


The good news is that after several hours of playing music the fan never came on once.  At night, half way through watching the new Harry Potter I paused it and the fan was on but I had to use a flash light to verify.  You couldn't hear it unless you were right beside it so it's nothing like my annoying laptop fan.

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Glad the fan is silent for you.  But I've heard from others it isn't.  This time of year might be a bad time to test for it kicking in as summer time temps would be more telling.  In any case, even if the fan was running but quiet now, small fans like that always seem to degrade and get louder. 

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I have one on the way to me from Oppo and I can't wait to get it :)

my Sony DVD player just gave up the ghost a few weeks ago and I needed something to play my SACD and DVD-A's

I ordered also a 2tb eSata drive to store my music and some movies

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Good for you, I'm sure you'll like it.


a note for you and anyone else and I may be late - I'd be careful updating the firmware anymore.  Up through DEC all is good.  The next update which is now out in beta (it could be officially released now I'm not sure) has an update that will not let you play .iso files from external drives.  I don't think this will effect me and from what I understand this is what most people use to put movies on ext hard drives but I'm not updating myself.

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And this has nothing to do with OPPO, I'm sure they were forced by the studios to do this (and OPPO is pretty small).

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And would you guys recommend 93 as a source for music and especially movies like avi, mkv etc? I am starting to build a TV setup for my living room and thinking about a source that would deal with all my needs with just an HDD connected to it with music and movies on it.

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that's pretty much what everyone does with it

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