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yes it does sound like that. You know what it might be?
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Anyone by chance heard the T1 on a Beresford Bushmaster?

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Cayin HA-1A.  Warm and lush.

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I suggest to try Cay HH-1. I work great with HD800 I think it would work on T1 too.

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T1+Wa2 for 1700.00 usd


T1+ Meier Corda Classic for roughly 50 usd more

For primarily classic rock,metal...lossless files some 320 mp3

Which is the better combo and why?

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I have Burson Audio Soloist and Lehmannaudio Black Cube Linear.


Both sound great


if I want more details I try Soloist


and If I prefer warm sound then change to Black Cube.

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As protable Amp/Dac


Ray samuels audio PREDATOR


sounds great

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T1 and Audio-GD NFB10ES2, very good combo.

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I'm a newby here and basically posted the reverse question of this thread here:

Sadly no responses yet... redface.gif(

I believe I have a very nice little tube amp (Luxman SQ-N100) and was wondering how the T1 would combine with it...
When i remember well the 6 Moons review was positive about the headphone section.
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Best overall: Dynahi
Best available: CSP2+
Yet to determine: Balancing Act
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GSX or wa2
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Tubes (esp. OTLs) really work well with T1s. I've had an otl as my main amp for the last 4 yrs.


I'm venturing into SS territory next with a gs-x mk2. Hope I like it with the t1.

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Its good!
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I had the chance to audition the T1 with Bifrost+Valhalla setup at this summer's Socal Head-fi meet, and was definitely blown away.  While there were many great setups there, the T1+bifrost+valhalla combo was uber smooth and in my opinion, slayed the HD800/LCD2/LCD3 and basically anything that wasn't a STAX.

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From my long-term experience with the T1, an OTL tube amp such as the WA2 or Bottlehead Crack + Speedball is the way to go. For a cost-no-object amp, I would imagine the ECBA with Psvane 300B black bottles would be heavenly.

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