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20/11/2010 Toronto Head-fi Meet Impressions  

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Hey everyone,


First off I'm extremely thankful to Pavel(fallen angel?) for getting the space  and organizing. Thanks for building that DAC and so generously donating it to raffle off(which I won). Also I'm really thankful to Charliex for offering to buy it to help fund my future pair of stax. Of course I also enjoyed everyone's company.


Just a couple of quick impressions:

1. I've always liked the HD650, and even hearing some much more expensive headphones, it still is very special to my ears. 

2. The LCD-2 sounds like the HD650, dark, warm and lush. Definitely more detailed and refined. 

3. the eletrostats were detailed and the spatial effect was more realistic. I have to say, I prefered the stax to the HE Jade, and also liked the 507s instead of the 404le. 

4. I regret hearing the k1000, it was definiately unique and extremely attractive. Unaffordable at the moment but extremely attractive. It was, for me, the most impressive pair of headphones I heard today. 


that's all I can think about for now, maybe add more thoughts later.

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You're welcome and it was very much my pleasure to set this up.  I think I'll organize another one in a few months. :)


Now, where are the "entry fee" photos? :)

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First I would like to thank Pavel for organizing it, it was smooth and without any major hickups.


Coming from IEMs, the whole amplification and full sized headphones was quite the learning experience. My wallet might be a lot lighter in the near future because of this meet. I look forward to the next one.


The pics will be coming tomorrow probably.

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A TERRIFIC meet hosted by Pavel (FallenAngel) in the Party Room at his new condo.

This is my second meet with Pavel, and he has definitely proven to be not just a talented DIY'er, but also the consummate host.

I mention DIY'er because he always raffles off one of his builds at the meets.  I won his Mini Millet at the last meet, and this meet

he auctioned off an Alien DAC.  I won the custom built set of RCA interconnects this time. built by ujamerstand (thanks!)

A great venue for the meet, large room, tables and comfy chairs and even a bar at one end. 

My 'sorry 'bout your wallet' moment was the new Stax 507's out of ujamerstands just finished eXStatA - a match made in heaven.

And of course Pavel had his Joe Grado HP-2's which I was introduced to at the last meet.  There were lots of Beyers and Denons

(not my cup of tea).....but that was more than made up for by the hosts generous sharing of his 12 year old Chivas and Glenlivet.

Some great conversations and once again being introduced to many new GTA members was my highlight of the meet.

Looking forward to the pics coming soon ... ... ... and to the next meet.

Thanks again Pavel!

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Anyone compared LCD-2 to Pavel's HP-2? :-)

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Thank you for such a great meet and all the hard work pavel. i would also like to thank everyone else for bringing their gear to the meet. smily_headphones1.gif
The raffle was great. I actuaually won a game controller which was donated to the raffle by charliex.
Looks like i might be making some purchases soon because of this meet too.
Lol I'm looking forward to the "entrance fees".
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I would like to chime in thanking Pavel for the great meet! It's been quite a while since we had a meet here in Toronto.

And yesterday I had a chance to meet with many new people, have a chat and check out their equipment. (I really

liked charliex' AKG K1000 - awesome headphones! And the electrostats were not too shabby either! :)).


BTW, last night I had a chat with someone (sorry man, I didn't get your name) about 60Hz hum. You might want

to take a look at Henry W. Ott "Noise Reduction Techniques In Electronic Systems" (very good and a lot of theory),

Morgan Jones "Valve Amplifiers" and "Building Valve Amplifiers" (sound, practical advice on many subjects applicable

not only to tubes), and there is a very good pdf document about calculating snubbers for power supplies available on

the Internet (PM me if you can't find it). Also try to google "common mode currents". Good luck!


Thanks again for organizing the meet, Pavel!


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That was a great meet yesterday. It was fun to talk to many of you. :) It was especially great to have the chance to listen to the LCD-2 and the K1000. Thanks to CharlieX for bringing them! Listening to them through FallenAngel's dynahi was quite an enjoyable experience. The LCD-2 had a really balanced presentation, good bass response, and the soft treble makes it easy on the ears. I could see why there is a long line up for these. :) Thanks to Pavel for organizing the meet!


and yeah, where are the entrance photos? need MOAR pictures now!

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Damn! too bad i had too miss it.

Pics would be nice to see!

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Originally Posted by pcf View Post

Anyone compared LCD-2 to Pavel's HP-2? :-)

I did, and can tell you that impressions are limited due to meet noise, but in the end, I found they sounded quite similar.  That said, STAX remains my favourite headphones to date, and I really need to get me a T1 energizer + a nice lambda signature or even a lambda nova!

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Yup the T1 was a beast. :)

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Loads of pictures were taken including all attendees wearing the infamous Jecklin Floats

- just hoping that they get posted soon : (

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I would also like to thank Fallen Angel for putting this meet together.  These days we are all so busy taking time to organize this is a real benefit.  Much much appreciated.

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Of course I google "toronto headphone meet" 2 days too late. Seems like everyone had a blast. I will have to keep my ears open for the next meet. Im super noob in headfi and a meet like this would really help put some phones in perspective for me.


Cant wait to see pics.

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Ah this is annoying, work has been kicking my ass since sunday morning to today as well, I will hopefully upload it to some image hosting website (photobucket) and send it to charliex...

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