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Balanced headphones for RS Protector

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I've searched the forums and it seems that most or everyone that owns the Protector has come to the conclusion that the Senn HD600"s are the best full size headphones for Ray's balanced portable amp, I also understand that Ray designed the amp to have good synergy with the 600's but has anyone tried any other full sized headphone with the Protector in balanced mode?

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I got my Audio Technica ES10's recabled balanced for the protector and although everything is far from being burned in I am quite enjoying them. Although the ES10's are technically portable they have bigger drivers than the ESW-9's and they behave very much like a full sized set of cans. Since recabling them the soundstage is wider and the bass is more controlled.

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I have the TWag adapter for my balanced headphones and basically, the Protector sounds almost as good as my Apache running balance with any of the balanced headphones. His latest balanced due out later this year possibly(SR-71b) would be the ultimate portable balance as it can drive any balamce headphones including the HE-6.
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The Grado RS-1 reterminated to with a protector plug has never sounded better when using the Protector with it.  I always wanted that extra little fullness/richness and a little more low end when I listened to them.  The protector was able to deliver those things.

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