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Shure mids or similar (SM2, UM2, etc)

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I own a set of SoundMagic PL30's which I enjoy for their budget performance and great comfort and using doing yard work.  I recently acquired a pair of Shure E2c's from a friend.  I really love the midrange on these.  Zakk Wylde's guitars sound better than ever on them.  Bass is a little on the light side though but has a pretty good soundstage.  However they are very uncomfortable to wear.  Normally I'd take a medium size sleeve with most IEM's but with the Shures I have to use a small just to make it bearable.


So I'd like to find something with the midrange of the Shures with a little more bass but I also want comfort.  Are the new Shure's more comfortable?  Any advice on the 210's or 315's? Are there any other brands recommended knowing this listening preference?  Thanks.

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I have no experience with the E2's or 210's, but I own or have owned the E4's, E500's, and SE315's


The 315's seem very well built (the best build quality of the Shures I've owned) and have the same in-ear fit as the E4's and E500's. The E2's have a wider nozzle than the rest of the Shure line, so if the wide nozzle is too bulky in your ear the narrow nozzle the 315's have should fit better.


The detachable cable system is very robust and they do not separate easily, but the bulk of the connection at that point does not fit well with my ear (externally). The E4 and E500 loop easily over my ear and can be inserted with one hand. Even after several weeks using the 315's I still have trouble getting them in and keeping them in. They're not uncomfortable, per se, but I do tend to notice them in my ears more than I do the others.


Bass is more than sufficient when you have a good seal while the midrange is a bit forward (similar to the E2)


I got my 315's for under $100, but at their $200 street price I do think they're underachievers in the sound quality department compared to the other offerings out there. Build quality, fit kit, and Shure customer service are top notch though.

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Yes the E2c's have that wider nozzle. I'm sure that's what is making them uncomfortable. If the 315's are underachievers for their price, what would you recommend instead, that has similar midrange as Shure?
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i own now the SE310 and the SE420. (310: for 20/30 ours, 420: two times used) 

yes, the SE310 is very small and you can/must insert the shure very deep. The SE420 is bigger and the inserting is different from the

310. (more like westones) Yes, I am notice the 310 more then the 420! (like kaldaim)


The 315/425 is too expensive for the little differences! But this is a "normal" problem of shure: the price.

The 310 and the 420 are of the most neutral iems, if not the most! The 420 is rare now and much more expensive then the 310.

(because the 310 is quite unpopular!) The best ear plug in the fit kit are the black foamies.

(very comfortable and they have a very good isolation!) 


sorry, but I know no other brand with that sound signatur.


@ kaldaim: very interesting that the 310 is similar with the er4 in that point (insertion)! (i have no ety yet)

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I ended up getting the Shure se420's for $149 on Amazon's lightning deal today.
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All prior Shure models are now discontinued supplanted by the new SE315-425-535s. If the older models are acceptable to you, there are definitely some deals to be had out there.

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I ended up sending the se420's back.  While the mids were sweet the bass was completely lacking.  Definitely bass light.  I want to try and find something with similar forward mids but with more quantity bass.  I've been reading about the earsonic SM2 and westone UM2.  Any recommendations?

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I work for an authorized shure dealer, i've tried every model, the se535 are amazing IMO. Great mids, good tight bass not as much bass as triple.fi but in the same quality.

If you can afford it get them, I see the price on amazon is about $500 US right now, if that is too much for you I can see what we could do.

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$500 is more than I can spend right now.  I'm looking to hopefully stay below $300 if I can.  Although the earsonics SM3's for $379 on Amazon is tempting.

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I ended up getting a pair of Westone UM2's with removeable wires. Now these are what the Shure SE420's should have sounded like. They have the same forward mids but actually have bass in quantity and quality. I'm really going to enjoy these. The only downside is the right angle connector doesn't fit in my iPhone bumper.
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Hey... congrats on your UM2's. I've had mine for years (not removable cable) and they're still competing with my DBA-02's.

Different sound signiture, but depending on my mood, I'll grab them, kick back and enjoy. Very smooth and rich sound. Love 'em.


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