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For Sale: SOLD: AKG K340

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For Sale:

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I'm selling my AKG K340 electrostatic/dynamic hybrids.  I'm pretty sure these are the "bass-heavy" version since the seem a shade or two darker than my HD650s, though they seem to get slightly brighter on stronger amps.  Their high impedance and very low efficiency make them unsuitable for both of my current amps (Bottlehead Crack and Maverick D1) and I don't plan on upgrading either any time soon.


They were in a pretty beat up (cosmetically) when I acquired them from eBay and I've essentially refurbished them.  In addition to a thorough cleaning inside and out I have re-soldered the connections in the left cup (where the 4 conductor cable enters), replaced the elastics, and replaced the pads.  The pads are almost brand new, having been worn for less than 100 hours.  As far as I can tell the cable (still original) has no faults either.  They sound plenty good.  I just don't think my amps are doing them justice.


Price is $215 paypal-ed, shipped, insured, and tracked within the US.  International shipping with the same services will be at least $35 extra.

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