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Originally Posted by HeadphoneAddict View Post

$200 difference?  I thought it was $699 for CX and $1499 for PX.  I'll have to go look it up again I suppose. For a $200 diff the choice is obvious.

And if u see them on the FS forums they usually go for around $700. Not bad for an all-in-one with a tiny footprint.
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I believe the dacmini is just almost perfect in everyway.
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Dacmini pairs very well with my T90 headphones.
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Glad to hear it. Wow, you must have had some insanely fast shipping. You were only asking about this two days ago...

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Hear it from a shop but not yet delivered to my house yet

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Which version (and/or mods) are you getting?

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Getting the dacmini px with 1 ohm mod and high gain mod.

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I am thinking about upgrading, if anyone is looking to purchase this unit for a considerable discount please contact me. Thought I'd give you guys a heads up before I post it in the marketplace :smile: 

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Dude!  What size hat do you wear?  

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His avatar is an optical illusion, first he's looking directly at us with half his face covered, and then he's looking to the side.  He doesn't have a squished head in the avatar.

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How does the lehmann audio black cube linear usb fair against the dacmini?

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I just sold my BCL a couple of weeks ago, but my impression was that the BCL was more "linear" in frequency response with a flat and extended treble, while the DACmini is a bit more "polite" in the treble.  Both are great at driving low impedance planars such as the Audeze as well as the high impedance dynamics such as the Sennheisers.  Both are fine, classic amps.

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Lehmann audio bcl usb has a much more refined sound as compared to the dacmini. Hope this information helps :) 

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