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For Sale:
Fall Cleaning: Cables etc (updated 12/06)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Clearing out some of the random stuff scattered around my desk drawers. CONUS shipping included in price - international will be extra. Will do combined shipping discounts on multiple items including those in whatever other sale threads I may have open (see signature). If you're looking for something else in terms of IEMs/headphones feel free to PM me as I don't like having more than 2-3 sale threads open at any one time.




1. HOSA 4' Dual MIDI Cable. Asking $8 shipped.





2. Cowon X5/X5L dock adapter - free for shipping ($2) or with any purchase.







The rest is not really audio-related but found in my desk anyway.





4. USB SD/SDHC card reader - brand new in original packaging. I have three of these (two left)- two gray, one blue - which is three more than I need. Free for shipping ($2) or with any purchase.







-12" C&C Oxygen-free Copper braided 3.5mm interconnect with locking connectors. Will fit screw-on 1/4' adapters. This is a very rare cable with impeccable build quality. I believe C&C offered it with a limited introduction run of one of their amps and then never again. Asking $old shipped.


-DIY 3.6" Mogami 3.5mm headphone cable. Pailiccs plug on one end, Neutrik on the other. Originally used with Goldring DR150 headphones but will fit any detachable-cord headphone with a non-recessed 3.5mm connector. Can also be used as a long interconnect. Asking $old shipped.


-Grado cable-type 1/4->1/8" adapter. No packaging but I don't believe it's ever been used. Asking $old shipped.


-Sennheiser HD414 pads - brand new in original packaging - asking $old shipped.


-Comply Tx400 tips - 3 sets- brand new in original packaging - asking $old shipped.


-Comply T400 tips (black) - 3 sets - brand new but no packaging - asking $old shipped.


-Shure in-line attenuator. I believe it came from an old E4c. Asking $old shipped.


-Kensington PocketHub Mini 2.0 4-port USB hub - brand new in box. Does anyone use these anymore? Free for shipping [gone] or with any purchase.


-18" Headphonia 3.5mm interconnect. Angled plug on one side, straight plug on other. Much thicker and sturdier than the stock cables included with Fiio, iBasso, etc amps. I don't believe these are produced any more. Asking $old shipped.


-Generic 1/4->1/8" adapter. $sold or with any purchase.


-Small toslink optical cable. Around 4' long. Asking $old shipped.


-Kensington Ci70 wireless optical mouse - brand new in box - asking $old shipped. I know nothing about it (including how it got here) but it seems to have decent amazonreviews.

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