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Best tips for MEElec M6?

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This has been asked once before and the only suggestion was Sony Hybrids... however, I'm not particularly keen on buying a package where I get 3 tips that are unusable for me.


Are there any other tips that are also recommended? Alternatively, are there fake Sony Hybrids that are actually worth it?

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I own the real sony hybrid, and they really do tame the treble on the M6 down quite a bit.


The fake one would probably be a good option, from what I remember of ClieOS' impression of them, the difference between the fake and the real is fairly small.

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Once again I'd like to recommend seller cairimao on eBay for your fake Hybrids. You can choose three pairs of your favorite size. Since I don't own a pair of genuine Sony Hybrids I can't compare, but my experience with these tips is stunning!

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I use comply T500 off of my triple-fis. I have to use a small bit of double sticky tape to keep them on, but they work well. Really tame some of the harshness
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i like the triple flange silicone tips the best.

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I like the Shure foamies. The ones for the Shure E2's fit my M6 perfectly:



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