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Denon DNHP700 or ATH M50

Poll Results: Which would be better?

Poll expired: Nov 24, 2010  
  • 80% (4)
    ATH M50s
  • 20% (1)
    Denon DNHP700
5 Total Votes  
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My friends like how both of these looks but he doesn't know which would be better for him. He wants to use these for music with his iPod. I have the M50s but not the Denon so I couldn't tell him what sounds better than what.


Which would be better out of the two for all kinds of music?

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It has been a long time since I was stumped on how to answer someones question or recommend.  This stumped me.  


Both are just awesome and I apologize for my inability to help guide you to the better set for your needs.  I have failed.  *walks away with head down


lol seriously though, you cant go wrong with either, both are pretty great but the M50 seems to be the more widely accepted and used set.

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I'm rocking a set of M50s connected to my iPod + FiiO E7 at the moment.  Not sure what music genre your friend listens to, but this combo works for me when listening to modern hip-hop, r&b and similar bass heavy music.  Rich.  Thick.  Creamy.  Not sure about the Denons, but if they're like the M50 then I suppose you can't go wrong either way. 

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bumping this to get more opinions

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More people will vote on the M50 cause they havent hear the Dnhp700

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I can't vote as that seems closed. If I could I would HP700 all the way but it really does depend on what you want in a headphone. The HP700 has a strong V type sound signature without having a recessed midrange as the side effect of the strong bass. It straddles the fine of sibilance versus as an extended and exciting treble and has bass that is very close to the AH-D7000 in depth and percussiveness with none of the boominess or cavern like effect many portable closed headphones have including the D1100/A100 by Denon. I also like the sound stage as it doesn't feel as small as most portables.

The M50 on the other hand has a much flatter signature with the bass and treble both rolled off at the extremes. This would allow someone to listen to it at higher volumes without as much fatigue. Personally I don't like loud as much anymore though.

Both are comfortable and have decent cables and both are well built.

I do give the edge to the HP700 though in regards to sound as I do feel it has better sound stage and a bit better instrument separation. This coupled with a better price point make it a great choice.
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How about HFI-580 or ATH M50?

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