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Unique Melody vs other options

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Hey guys. I'm a new member to this forum and truthfully a new member into the listening community and have no idea how to start. I have a good idea where I want to go. Currently I own a pair of Triplefi 10pros and enjoy them very much. I have been listening to them unamped for a year and looking forward to upgrading them. I ordered a pair of Null-Audio's Lune replacement wires and am hoping to get them soon. I listen to classical music (Mahler, Beethoven), old school rock (Rush, Iron Maiden), metal (A7X, Disturbed, FFDP), and 90's R&B. As you can see my music preference is pretty wide. Okay enough background, now my inquiry.


I have read many posts about Unique Melody's reshell/remolding service (actually out of curiosity from Null-Audio's remolding service; however, UM seemed to have a higher popularity amongst the Head-Fi community). The only pair of headphones I own are the TF10 pro's. When I was reading the reviews, it seems like a lot of people that send their set of universal IEM's out to UM are ready to quit on them due to comfort, or because they found that they found their preferable sound signature else where (Such as the W3's or SE535's; however, I may be wrong).


I'm stuck in a 2 o'clock soap opera dilemma. I could spend my money on amping my setup with an RSA Predator, but as I am aware, a majority of the community don't like amping their IEM's because it isn't a significant difference. Understood, but the versatility of using a amp/DAC for my Ipod 5th gen would probably pose as a positive gain (I use apple lossless as my source) and possibly using it for my future source. I may be wrong, but I know a lot of individuals say the integrated Ipod amp... sucks?


Than there is the case where I can spend my money on reshelling my TF10 Pros... The fit (in all truthfulness) works and its fairly comfortable. The right channel occasional falls out on the colder of days (NY cold) but its not that big of a problem. The main issue comes when I'm laying in bed trying to listen to music, but that applies to 60% of the IEM's out there. Possibly even more. What I am looking for is the expanded sound stage and the elaboration mids of an added driver; which would help. So it is sort of like hitting 2 birds with one stone? The added modification and improved seal.


So what should be my next stepping stone? More than likely I will be landing both of my feet on an amp and the reshelling and maybe reshelling with the 8 driver set (if that is even worth doing... What's your opinion of the TF10's to an 8 driver vs a 4 driver upgrade vs a stock reshell?) I hope you guys can help me. I'm a noob and I only understand able 70% of the terms being thrown around. Should I expand in a different direction such as investing in a new pair of IEM's or cans. Should I get the amp? or should I just make a gutsy move and reshell to an 8 driver set? Thanks guys

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I bought a pair of JH13 Pros from Spudharris on here. Spudharris is a total gent by the way.


I sent them, and shortly after I wrote and asked if they had arrived. UM wrote to say "your monitors are progressing".


6 weeks later I wrote asking what was happening, and they told me they hadn't received the package. So now I'm £200 down as the max insurance is £250 and I had to chase UM to give me a refund on what I'd sent them via PayPal.


I've no idea where the package is but i did a good job of it and sealed it in a good quality padded Jiffy bag. The address was correct. So they've either been stolen or they're in customs somewhere.


A horrible experience overall. But that's the risk you take with UM it seems. I earlier got a set of TF10s reshelled for my nephew and had similar communication problems. But the monitors turned up after a couple of months and the quality was outstanding.


So one odd experience, and one downright bad experience. Their processes and logistics need some serious attention, as do their communication skills if they're going to invite overseas business.  

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That's the main thing I am worried about. The communication and my IEM's getting lost in transit. I would love to get my TF10's in a sense "upgraded"; however, the risk benefit value is something to consider. Not that I'm necessarily worried about it, but these are my only pair of IEM's that I have, let alone the only real listening earphones I have. To have it gone for 2 months (or forever) is going to be hard to deal with. From the reviews, it seems like people have had pleasant experiences and it has paid off. I would do it right away if I had my amp already, but I only can buy one thing and that one thing is between the amp, the reshell, or a new set of IEMs. After I read your post I'm leaning more towards a new set of IEMs to get my virgin ears in a sense... Un-virginized. lol. Any body else have think otherwise? I would love to hear your experience with UM (custom-iem.com for that matter) and your choice between that or an amp? What would you choose?

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ask on the um thread about the various monitor additions.  My 2cents: had a great experience with UM, horrible with Fisher.  Looking back on everything, I would have just kept my TF10s with an ipod.  An amp is not going to help with the sound very much at all, used with the ipod.  Some, but not much.  Getting them custom fitted isn't going to help much at all with the sound either, it's more for comfort.  So if you have to spend money, and still want to use the ipod as your source, then I'd go for better iems - either by buying something better directly, or by upgrading the TFs through UM with extra drivers.  


Now if you're not bound to your ipod - say, you'll be listening from a computer, then go with a dac/amp combo like the ibasso D4 or the Audio-Gd sparrow or something in that price range.  MUCH higher bang for your buck than anything else, and you will hear a major benefit with your TF10s.  

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Check out the thread on 1964 Ears value-priced customs. The triple driver one might be perfect and well-priced for you.

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