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Seattle Meet at Bottlehead MARCH 5,2011 - Page 16

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nice..and damn possibility of a playback DAC at the meet..this is sizing up to be a really amazing meet.


Gonna be bringing a couple of boxes of voodoo doughnuts for you chaps.  :)



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if i make it over there tomorrow i will likely bring my Playback Designs MPS-5 digital player to use as a source.

That would be nice to hear. I was shooting on getting one of those this summer, but due to my impatients I bought my skylla.

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Hey Doc B!  Is there anywhere nearby that you would recommend for brunch/lunch?  sachu and I might head over a little on the early side, grab some grub, then move over to help set up and get our stuff squared away.

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Right after you get off the ferry, make a left turn for the main drag in Winslow.There's lots of places there according to Doc (he's doing some set up right now).


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Getting ready to get on the ferry. I will see everybody there.

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i am running a little late. be there in a bit. first meet i ever been late to. feels odd.
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How do I sign up for the next meet?

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keep your eyes peeled we are in the middle planning the next meet.

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Let me know if you need any help, Gil.

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Originally Posted by BIG POPPA View Post

keep your eyes peeled we are in the middle planning the next meet.

Awesome!  I'd like to make it to my first one.  I have a T1 and AD2000 that I'm trying to compare and decide on a final, but I'm thinking that I need to try a bunch of amps out to do the T1s justice.


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We will be glad to have you.
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As usual I am game for another meet gig.  This time I will man up and ask Gisele for a date.



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