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Need help choosing some IEM's!

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Hey guys, I just recently joined the forums and I'm looking to get some new IEM's to complement my newly purchased Grado SR325's.



I travel almost weekly for work and after getting my Grado's a few weeks ago, I've discovered that they don't perform particularly well on airplanes for watching movies/etc...  Also, I hate it when I can hear other people's music on planes... so I don't want to be "that" guy.  As such, I'm looking for some IEM's that are comfortable to wear for more than a few hours at a time.


For music I don't consider myself a basshead... I like the bass to be tight in my headphones with clear mids and highs.


Also, right now I have the UE Super.fi 5 EB's (with comply foam tips)  and used to have the UE Super.fi 5 pro's (until I lost them while traveling recently).  I got the Grado's thinking I would use them as my full-time headphones but I don't think they're going to cut it for air travel (for me)...



  • $200-$300


Media Source:



Listen to:

40% Music: Rock, Alternative, R&B, Rap, Pop

60% Movies and TV shows


Headphones Currenty owned: 

  • Grado SR325i - Great sound but not suitable for air travel
  • Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 EB - like em don't love em


Headphones of the Past:

  • Altec Lansing iM716 - didn't like the fit and way too quiet without an amp
  • Shure E2C - broke on me, my first pair of higher end IEM's 
  • Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro - Loved these but unfortunately lost them, only complaint was comfort for anything over an hour


Currently Considering:

  • Westone 2
  • Westone UM2
  • Head-Direct re0
  • UE Super.fi 5 Pro
  • Shure se425
  • Anything else??

Thanks in advance!  There are so many choices for IEM's now I think my head is spinning!

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I loved my SE420s, which the SE425s dethroned.  So natural and neutral.  Of all the headphones I've ever owned, those were my absolute favorites.

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Thanks,  I think I'm leaning towards the se425's but with so many reviews and raves for the W2's they are hard to ignore.  I've tried searching for a comparison between the two on the board but I haven't found much to go on so far... mostly I have found inconclusive comparisons between the UM2's and the se425's.


If anybody has listened to both before please let me know!  Also, I was wondering what your guys' opions are on the comfort between the two and whether or not you guys think the removable cable of the se425's is an advantage to them.  I've heard such good things about the cable on the W2's that I'm not sure it'd make a huge difference for me.  Although it would be nice to know I could replace the cable if I wanted to, plus I think Shure makes an iphone cable that I could use with my phone...


As always, thanks for the help!

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Both units can have replacement cables made, so upgrades are always possible.

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