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What to replace NuForce?

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Hey everyone. I have a pair of NuForce NE-7M's that I have had for a couple of years. At the time they were purchased as a best bang for the buck set around their price point (my old pair of Shure SE 310's were stolen). While I have enjoyed them, I am looking for something to replace them.


-Mostly for listening to: music/movies

-Genres include: Rock, Soft Rock, Alternative, Techno + light Rap

-Price: Prefer to stay under $100, no more than $150. 


I would also like to purchase a portable amp as well. First time buyer - so I am a n00b in this regard. Worst case scenario maybe something that would work well with the NE-7M's for the time being but also to be used for a future purpose. Any ideas suggestions as I doubt I can afford to purchase an amp and a new pair of phones/IEMs at the same time?


If I do get an amp and stick with the current phones for awhile, any recomendations on some new tips for the time being? When I bought them I used to hear people rave about how great the Comply T-400 was with them, but now I hear more about how the comply quality and life span is lower than desired. 

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I use either Shure E2c silicone single flange or Head-Direct biflanges on my NE-7M. Both were improvements in sound quality and cost over Comply tips.


For a replacement IEM, the ViSang R03/Brainwavz M2 has been described as an improvement with similar sound signature over the NE-7M. Another excellent option that maintains the mic/remote capability is the Thinksound TS02+mic. Check out joker's extensive review set that includes those.


I went in a different direction with Fischer DBA-02's and have been immensely pleased.

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