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Originally Posted by shinyredbike View Post

Was able to pick up the older model Rubbermaid Hose Hook at Lowes for $15 CDN. It was almost perfect but I was super anal about the pressure points put on the headphone band like most people in this thread. So I slightly modded mine by adding a plastic piece from an old Verbatim DVD spindle.


I have a pair of Ultrasone Pro 990 and underneath the headband is a piece of foam. When placed on top of the grey holder on the Rubbermaid, it exerts upward pressure that will cause an indentation. To alleviate the pressure, I cut a plastic piece from the side of a DVD spindle and snapped it into the grey clasp of the Rubbermaid holder. The headphones now rest on top of the plastic piece, where the pressure is spread out across the plastic piece instead of the narrow hook area of the stock clasp.


This will work with other headphones as well for those worried that the clasp putting a permanent indentation in their headphone band. 


Thanks OP for this great find.




Good idea....Looks great.

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Thank you for your service! I have the "Brainwave Quartz" and it works well. Put some sticky feet on the bottom and top curved surface.

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Originally Posted by desktophifi View Post


Cool! I give you $20 for it. biggrin.gif

I found one at Loews. $12.95.

It is perfect.

I put it on the floor leaning against my favorite chair.

I just reach down and the headset is in my hand.

Thanks for finding this.

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This hose hook looks more or less ideal, imo.

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