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Thank you BluFalcon, this is exactly what I was looking for.

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That is fantastic!

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He's more like a member of the family than a headphone stand, here he is enjoying my 880s.


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These look pretty nice but ouch, $$$.



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Yeah they also have those Knockoff "replica" SIEVEKING stands too. A clear one too.

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Hello, first time poster. Just wanna contribute a bit...has anyone tried handbags display/stand?:) Found some good looking ones, so I posted here. I'm not sure if I can post a link, but if you google image, you'll see various design, colors and materials. I got one of the metal one for as little as $5...I'm happy:) Enjoy


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Thats dope. Love it. Where do we go and get those. Post a link, just dont www it so that it doesnt hypertext itself.

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I like it.  How stable is it with your big cans?

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These stands aren't that impressive. CHECK MINE OUT



Obviously joking. I'm at college so I'm waiting to get back home and DIY a nice wooden stand.

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scored this thing at bed bath and beyond.  its a "handtowel" holder.


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I'm going to head to Bed Bath & Beyond right now as I have nothing to do for a few hours. Do some digging and maybe find something I like. 

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Picked this up at Home Depot the other day for like $16 or something like that.  It's supposed to hold rakes, push brooms and similar stuff.  Just putting it out there in case you're looking for a cheap solution. 





Thanks for the tip BluFalcon this is a great idea I love it.

I'm going to check this out over the weekend at my local hardware store, price is probably twice as much compared to some of the US stores but never mind, still cheap considering you can find it locally in Australia, check it here. Price is $19.96 AUD.

I'm also considering making my own headphone stand after great DIY projects I've seen here.



Ah... thanks.  This hardware-store-headphone-stand thread has certainly gone beyond my expectations, but I'm glad to have inspired some folks to find uncommon innovative solutions in non-audio retail outlets to meet their headphone storage needs. 

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I'm going to head to Bed Bath & Beyond right now as I have nothing to do for a few hours. Do some digging and maybe find something I like. 

Did ya come up with anything?

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A few close calls on my wallet, but ended up leaving empty handed. Nothing sat right with me I guess. 

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Did ya come up with anything?



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Try out Jewelry stands, soft and padded perfect for headphones.


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I still use my flipped over, but now I have a bunk bed to hang my stand from!



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