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Eskuche Control - Anyone take these for spin yet?

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I've got a pair on order from Karmaloop for under $60US after some promo codes. I wasn't able to find anyone on Head-Fi with any type of review on these, but from the specs and the fact that I'm a sucker for retro styling, I've decided to pick up in a pair in Avocado.




They should arrive in about two weeks and I'll post my first impressions shortly there after.

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The easiest way to describe these is that it's like being at a club vs being at an intimate concert... Big bass, a lot of bass. Response in the rest of the range is suitable for casual listening.


They are very fun to listen to, but they are definitely not for critical listening or studio recording.


Asthetically, they are cutesy and I can see a lot of people buying these based on their retro appearance only.


Comfort is average for an on-the-ear headphone and very typical of any pleather-padded cans. The clamping force is quite good and is adjustable by extending each cup individually to get the perfect amount of security and comfort.


A semi-closed cans (closed with very small vents), at reasonable listening volumes it is inaudible from a metre away.


Overall, I am satisfied with the Eskuche Control for a fun pair of cans and ones that I can throwing in my carry-on for travel.


BTW, the new MacBook Air was able to power these 32Ohm headphones ridiculously easily. The volume at level two is more than loud enough.

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That website is obnoxious.... 

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I've got a pair of their 33 1/3 R, bought for $15 at an Express about a year ago.


I liked them at the time.. They matched my shoes. Cloth cable is nice as well.


Very lightweight and fairly comfy, sound is nothing to write home about. I don't know the terms used to describe headphones too well, but the one I'd use is 'muddy'.


I'm under the impression that these are just Wesc style fashion accessories more than headphones..

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I went to the Apple store to buy headphones for my ipod touch, as the earbuds keep on falling out of my ears. Spoke to the guy that the tech at genius bar recommended as he really knows headphones. We both listened to all the headsets, from cheapest to the expensive beats. After all that he liked the eskuche control, sounded the best, at only $59.99, you can't beat that. You are paying for the hype, and glossy ads with the beats solo, studio headphones. They hand them out to the celebs to wear, so you will go buy them thinking they have to be good if that person is using them. There are other brands of headphones that are better rated than the beats too.

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Pick up one at BB just for a kick. Nice retro look. You can walk around without looking stupid with extrude head band and dumb bell size ear cups. Sound is nothing to be excited about. Good tight bass but you may need EQ for HF.


Not bad for $59.00. It is fun to walk around and listen to music while you walk your dog or work around the back yard. That's what it is good for.:biggrin:

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