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SCSCag flexiblity question(s)  

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I'd like to order a mini-to-mini (NOT an LOD) using the Oyaide right angle connectors, as my PMP and amp both have jacks on the bottom left of the respective units (J3 and Headstage Arrow.  I'd like as short a cable as possible, and will essentially be folding it back on itself.  I know the TWag is capable of this without issue, but what about the SCSCag? 


What is the shortest possible cable run for this wire that would be able to be bent 180 degrees without undue stress? 


Is there a significant enough difference between the TWag and the SCSCag to even bother, or should I just play it safe and go with the TWag?


Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

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You can configure the cable yourself here:


I would recommend that you just go with TWag.  Min length is 4", according to the website.

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Thanks, that's where I was, and was about to pull the trigger, but then I started wondering about options stuck, lol.  I think I will go with the TWag anyway...I seriously doubt I'd be able to tell the difference in SQ alone...if I'm operating under the assumption that there would be any anyhow.

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