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New Headphones - Budget $70

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Like the title says,  I'm looking for some new IEMs for around 60-70 dollars.  I like the sound of the iM-590's,  if that's anything to go off of.  So far the only ones that have drawn my attention are the hippo VB's and the M2's.


My Requirements are..


- Good Bass presence,  not too powerful,  but not lacking.  

- Decent Isolation, will be wearing during plane/train rides often.

- Good build quality,  none of that cheapy - feel.

- Good clarity and detail,  somewhat analytical.


I listen to jazz,  sample-based stuff (ex.  J Dilla, Madlib) , hip hop,  punk, and sometimes metal.  


Thank you!


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Obvious question - what would you like to see improved/changed over the iM-590? The VB and M2 are both less analytical than the iM-590 so your choices are quite narrow - the Maximo is still one of the better analytical earphones in the <$70 bracket  If you can snag a used UE700 off the FS forum (saw one for $80 a few days ago) that would be a good step up, otherwise you're probably better off looking at the RE-ZERO or Ety MC5 for analytical sound rather than the VB/M2.

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