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need some cheap iems

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Around $50ish for them.  I'm a basshead, although they have to have good mids and highs too.  Nothing skullcandish.  I listen to all types of music.  They need to isolate sound pretty well.  Now the problem is my source, an archos 5 internet media tablet.  This thing sounds terrible with my headphones, shure 840s.  Really quiet and stuff.  Needs an amp. So would some lower ohm iems sound better or should I get a cheap amp like a e5?  Would  I do have about $200, but I really don't want to spend all that.  Or should I just get a better amp and use my 840s?  They probably wouldn't isolate noise as good as I would need though.  So wat do?  Thanks.

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I picked up some Koss KE 29s from walmart for like 25 bucks. I use them for when I go to bed, that's all. Anyway the bass isn't bad. Only reason I'm making this reply is no one else is. I hope some one gives you a good answer. I'm happy with the Koss's, they sound close to the portapro.

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Well I need them by friday so that would probably be a good option.   I also see the koss keb40 for $29.99 at bad buy.

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I have the Brainwavz M2's and love em'. I think many Head-Fi'ers reckon their price is awesome for their sound. As a bonus they come with a crazy amount of extra tips.

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