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the reason my biggest concern is bass quantity is because when i see graphs comparing the Klipsch S4 (IEM) to the HD650, i worry that the HD650 will sound bass light because on paper it looks like it would be in comparison. the reason i mention the Klipsch S4 is because i have used them in the past and my current IEM's, the Brainwavz M2 that replaced the S4's, sound very similar in terms of bass quantity. so when i see that the HD650 in comparison has about 12db less at say 50hz that seems like a huge difference, and in reality it is a huge difference. graphCompare.php?graphType=0&graphID[]=853&graphID[]=1953


maybe the way they do these measurements makes it look like they have a ton more bass but in reality they dont. maybe mic placement is affecting their measurements meaning that we cant really compare IEM's to full size. the KSC75 (same driver as the UR40) in comparison also shows having about 10db less at 50hz than the S4, and that is definitely not what i am hearing when i compare the UR40 to my current IEM's.




i know it's better to try headphones out than to rely on graphs but i don't have a place local that has high end headphones to try so i figured graphs would be the next best thing.

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ok, i got the HD650's yesterday and figured i'd update this thread. i have a good 8-10 hours on them already and i can definitely say that they are very similar tonally to the UR-40. they sound like the UR-40 on steroids. if you like the UR-40, then you'll love the HD650. they are exactly what i was looking for.


the bass on the HD650 is smoother, tighter, and extends much much lower. i am very impressed with the bass extension when listening to electronic music. overall quantity of bass is in the same ballpark, the HD650 has more on the bottom end though. the UR-40 may have just slightly more around 80-200 or so, as the graph in my initial post shows. there is also plenty of impact or punch on the 650, at least IMO. i guess a true basshead may want more, but i definitely am pleased with the amount of bass. the bass on the UR-40 sounded ok at moderate volume, but as the volume increased they would run out of steam and get pretty sloppy. the HD650's are capable of getting louder than i would ever listen at, even with bass heavy electronic music.


the mids and highs sound similar tonally, they have the same general tone and balance overall. the graph also shows them being within a few db of each over the entire midrange and top end. the HD650 is just smoother and more detailed. more refined is a good way to put it.


the midrange on the HD650 is warm, smooth and velvety, but also can be explosive when asked to be. midrange is right upfront where it should be. it doesn't seem veiled or shadowed by bass. drums can be dynamic and explosive when they should be, but never seem to step too far forward. vocals also seem good. they are right where they should be as well.   


on the treble end the HD650 would be considered to be more on the laid back side when compared to some others, but i don't find it overly dark. i do have the brightness switch on my HeadRoom amp set to "filter 1" though. i turned crossfeed on the minute i first plugged them in, because i like crossfeed, but i noticed an increase in warmth so i also switched the brightness switch to "filter 1" to compensate a bit. i have switched the brightness filter off for a few seconds at a time just to compare, and they definitely don't sound as exciting with it off on most music. it's not a huge difference, but it adds a bit to the upper mids and treble. the HD650 has nice air with my electronic music and good sparkle with the cymbals in rock or metal. i wouldn't ask for anymore top end, but i also wouldn't want any less.


overall i am very pleased with the new purchase and i thank all of you that contributed to this thread (and others) and helped me decide to blow more money on this pricey hobby.





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Remove the front grills on drivers on UR40 - and I think, you'll get close to these Senns as possible as it can be)

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