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New to the IEM world. Any Suggestions?

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Well, recently I've become quite interested in headphones, IEM's, and sound in general.  I'm the "sound guy" at my church and run the sound board during the services. 


Anyway, I've always used the stock earbuds that come with my players and never really cared about sound quality as long as the music sounded like music and there was no distortion.  

However, I just picked up the Lenntek Sonix and am satisfied with the sound quality. What I want to know though, after reading over multiple reviews of IEM's is, what justifies spending over $20 or $30 on a headset? Does the sound quality drastically improve? Will I even notice the difference? 


Just a little about my sound preferences.  I don't like a lot of bass, which is ironic because the Sonix have quite a bit of it.  However, I just like to experience the music in a dynamic way.  I like to hear instrument separation and the ability to distinguish every instrument being played.  Other than that though, I just don't understand how spending so much more on a headset will give me that much more of an experience.  The isolation on the Sonix are fine to me, I was at the gym today with a lot of basketballs, people conversing next to me, as well as some volleyball players and they blocked out most of it.  Also, I would like something similar to the build quality, as they feel solid and have a nice nylon cord.  However, the microphonics is a bit bad unless worn around/over the ear, which is somewhat annoying.  


Any suggestions on what to buy? 

I guess what I'm trying to ask is: What should be my next purchase, is it worth it, and justify your answer.  





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I have a set of Koss Portapros, cost is 30 bucks on Amazon, and a set of Grado SR60i phones, cost 79 bucks anywhere. The portapros are well burned in as are the 60s. Anyway the 60s have a level of clarity that is astounding. I like the bass of the portapros better, and because they're so comfortable I find I use the portapros more often. But I won't let go of the 60s. If I am going to be stationery for an hour, I put on the 60s and there worth is proven. I often use the bass boost on my Creative Zen when using the 60s, not always though. Generally with headphones you get what you pay for. I myself though won't spend over a hundred while using compressed music, even at a high bit rate like  I use.( WMA variable 240-355). Others will spend 500 to work on Ipods at 128 bit. You'll just have to decide how much you want to spend.

Anyway, I broke my set of Altec Lansings relabled UE Superfi 3s. They go for around 45 bucks and are sweet, probably get another set eventually. Under Ultimate Ears they're 99 bucks, so they are a steal at 45. Look them up as I reccomend those . I'm anxious to hear what others recomend.

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