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nOrh CD-1?

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I'm considering the CD-1 or another player in the same price range ($800).

CD-1 owners: are you happy with it and would you buy another? Comments?

Any other suggestion for players in that price range?

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I have the CD-1. Am I happy with it? Yes. Would I buy it again? Yes. Actually I'm thinking of buying another one to keep as a spare.

Basic character of the cd player. It's a slightly warm sounding cd player. Certainly not bright. Not the most detailed player out there but detailed enough for me. Compared to the others that I've heard (which is not many), it gives weight and tonality to the music. So instead of the note just dying abruptly, it will linger for a while. Very nice. Must be the tubes. The one thing which strikes me is its musicality. This is one very musical player if partnered correctly. Pretty forgiving of bad recordings too. Has that slight tubey and laidback sound. May not suit really heavy rock but 80s electronic sounds very nice. You can even change the sound slightly by swapping the tubes inside.

Any bad points? Well, it's not the most resolving of cd players when compared to most out there. Can be a bit dark if partnered incorrectly. I also feel it is best partnered with solid state rather than tubes to sound its best. YMMV of course.

An alternative cd player for me would either be the Meridian 508.24 or 588. But that's way beyond $800. For $800, I can't think of any others. Maybe the Rega Planet 2000 but I hate the top loading cd tray.
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Thanks for the great reply. Do you use it with loudspeakers? What are the life expectancy of the tubes?

I'm finally getting a new home system and will start with the cdp.
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If you were around in the old Headwize,you would have noticed that I've actually stop listening to headphones (unless the temptation is too great) and use a speaker based system. Sounds great. Not much that I can complain about. It is a pretty balanced system for me.

As for the life expectancy of the tubes, don't worry. Should last a few years if you use normally. The tubes are also cheap and easily obtainable unless you go nuts and go for those very expensive NOS tubes. I'm using NOS tubes myself but these are quite cheap and plentiful.
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