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For Sale: FS: McCormack ALD-1 pre-amp

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For Sale:
FS: McCormack ALD-1 pre-amp

Will Ship To: USA/CAN

Hello All,


for sale is my McCormack ALD-1 pre amp.


It is an older unit and shows signs of wear. I bought it second hand off audiogon a year ago and have enjoyed it thoroughly.


Due to the monetary and space constraints I face, I can no longer keep this unit.


Shipping and PP fees extra.


I will have photos up late this week.


Well I eventually got around to is, and the photos are now up.



Sounds great, looks great, and is a very nice unit. 7/10 due to some minor cosmetic damage. The unit is dampened with dynamat .


50$ price drop!





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transaction in progress

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