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I thought of an original one not mentioned yet. She may not be popular, but how about Susan Boyle?

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ah, yeah, she is pretty good.. and for that matter... whats that 12 year old opera singer's name? she's excellent too.


unfortunately though, it is true, this thread has pretty much covered them all...


has anyone mentinoed the singer from portishead yet?

she's also awesome.

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Zsuzsa Cserháti!!! She is my #1 Hungarian signer!!!


I love the passion of her singing...I know this Beatles song is very different than the original, but I love it so much!

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Originally Posted by Br777 View Post

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Best female vocals - Nah!  Among the most fun female vocals - you bet!  Petra Hadyn's a capella version of "The Who Sell Out".


- Ed

you cant post petra haden without a link!!!


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Loreena McKennitt  - "The Mask And Mirror"  

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Wow I missed this thread when it got moved. I have a lot of new artists to share though.


Amy Macdonald

Lisa Mitchell

Ingrid Michaelson

The Band Perry

Tamar Kaprelien

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+1 on Ingrid Michaelson. I've been listening a lot to two of her albums, "Girls and Boys" and "Slow the Rain" and seriously enjoying each and every song. Her duet with Sara Bareilles on youtube, "winter song" is very beautiful.

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Wow.. i actually think we forgot one of the best around!  and one of my personal favorites -Corinne Bailey Rae





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Sinead Needs some videos too.   Her album Sean Nos Nua has been on steady rotation in my playlist for years... Absolutely angelic!




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I always think of her when I think of great female vocals, she has a very airy voice

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I dont have much female vocal fronted bands in my library, but even if i did .. Petronella from Paatos...


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Gonna have to go with Annie Lennox.

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Has Rosie Gaines popped up here yet?

Great singer enjoyed her duet with Prince with Nothing compares with u. (sinead's version obvisouly more well known).  Heres a few links.




and a nice at home acoustic version of one her hits



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emily haines, bjork and fiona apple for me.

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India Arie-Ready for Love


great vocals

great rercording

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