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What female vocal (CDs or tracks) are used to see if your headphones are reproducing them they should?

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Originally Posted by Mython View Post


That's all great, but the point still stands. The vocal chords of someone that young are not fully matured and belting-out opera can cause irreparable damage.


But, as I said, it's not at all aimed at you, or trying to bring down her talent in any way. Just saying she and her parents would be wiser to wait a few years, but we both know they won't :rolleyes:

I was just noting a few basic facts about her, that is all. Whether she wants to sing is entirely up to her. Regardless of whether it may or may not cause irreparable damage to her voice, it's still up to her.


Not too long ago, I learned about a woman who had a promising modeling career in her early twenties or so. Then one day she became paralyzed below the neck. There was no accident, there was no external injury. She didn't fall in the stairs or something. I don't recall the cause, but she simply had a seizure, a blood vessel broke in her brain, or something of that nature. She can't move her arms and legs; she can't even speak. It hasn't been until recent years that she has been able to type on her own thanks to the advancement of technology. She uses equipment that tracks her eyes to select letters with her vision.


She's had to live with her affliction for decades, but despite that she has a very positive outlook on life – more positive than many of us. Many would assume such a life would be miserable, depressing enough to desire death. This woman however sees value in her life and is able to enjoy the limited aspects of life available to her. If one of us – any of us – would be diagnosed we would permanently lose our voice if we sang a single song, who is any of us to say that singing that one song is not worth losing one's voice over? Even if there was no one there to hear it, no one who would remember it after it had been sung, who is any of us to say it was not a song worth singing? Who is any of us to say that single song is not worth sacrificing everything for?


When one path in life closes, another one opens. Sometimes something important must be sacrificed in order to gain something even more precious.


Just some food for thought.

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Originally Posted by cyberidd View Post

For me, Eva Cassidy is hands down the best female vocalist.


Eva Cassidy (Listen in HD)



I totally agree with this.  Found her sort of by accident. Soon after buying the live album I went ahead and bought all her CD's after I had sent her a letter and to my surprise she actually answered it.  I listen to her and Diana Krall alot.

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If you want to talk about damage to an artist's body (other than vocal chords) look no further than a violinist (or viola) . The position that one must assume to play either instrument places tremendous stress on the neck and shoulder and even the TMJ. Talk to any orthopedic surgeon or chiropractor and I guarantee they will have numerous stories about the pain and suffering these musicians go through for their art. It's especially hard on young, growing children who are still developing and may practice in this very unbalanced position for hours a day. It can cause lifelong pain and even disability.


Now back to this topic. She's been mentioned MANY times before but I wanted to offer this beautiful duet from a woman whose amazing voice we have tragically lost forever due to illness even though she is still with us.



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