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☆★Shiina Ringo★☆ THE BEST!!!

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If anyone here likes the jazzy/trip-hoppy feel of Nightmares on Wax, Thievery Corporation, Massive Attack, Portishead, Morcheeba, etc. (e.g.: http://www.head-fi.org/t/522812/the-best-female-vocals-your-favorite-female-singers/1380#post_9079664), Joy Malcolm might appeal. Here she is singing as part of the group 'Waldeck':





...and for another jazzy / slightly trip-hoppy option (though perhaps somewhat more morose), you could try Belleruche, whose vocalist is Kathrin de Boer:






Also see:


Alice Francis


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There are a lot of, frankly naff, reinterpretations/covers of well-known songs, in audiophile circles, which are beautifully recorded but utterly bland in other respects.


However, I quite like this very sparse, understated, interpretation of Bernie Taupin / Elton John's 'Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word', by Lydia Gray:







I mentioned Suzy Bogguss many months ago, but she did do a nice cover of the same song, with the late Chet Atkins, worthy of contrasting with the above interpretation:







I also mentioned Claire Teal a few months ago who generally does conventional jazz, but also did a nice cover of Snow Patrol's 'Chasing Cars':







And if anyone happens to like the sparse approach of Lydia Gray's above cover, you might perhaps like Mary Black's 'Poison Words':







...which was also covered (less successfully, IMO) by Mary Coughlan, though I am a big fan of Coughlan, generally.







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Really love this song and her voice:


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14 months ago, 'kingtz' posted this:





and, having revisited that page of the thread, I also noticed this 'live' version of the same song ('Pressure') on Youtube:



along with an interesting take on a certain Michael Jackson track:




Thankyou, 'kingtz', for bringing her to my attention.




Also see:


Holly Kirby

Leddra Chapman

Erica Senat




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Ruby Amanfu is generally very understated in her vocal performances, so would tend to be overlooked in a world of vocal show-boaters, but she has quite a pleasant voice:





Also see:


Acantha Lang


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Re' Sam & Ruby's track, 'Ain't Love Something' (above), I noticed this amateur cover on Youtube, and even though her vocal performance isn't technically out of the ordinary, there is something about this lass's voice that I find captivating. I can't quite put my finger on it. but maybe it's the intimacy of her delivery. Her name is Vanna Jean Macayan:





...and here's another alternative amateur cover of the same song, by Eve Murtagh:





Also see:


Dalena Nguyen

Lianne La Havas



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For chiptunes they kick arse. Pity that chiptunes are basically the opposite end of the musical composition spectrum from female vocals.


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Favourite female singer(s) you say?


1st Taylor Swift


2nd Taylor Swift


3rd Taylor Swift


4th Taylor Swift


5th Taylor Swift


6th Taylor Swift


7th Taylor Swift


8th Taylor Swift...


69th Taylor Swift


HUGE fan of Taylor Swift if you haven't noticed already. I have her poster on the ceiling directly on top of my bed so I can wake up to see her every morning.


Yeah okay aside from TayTay I enjoy some uh off the top of my head Lana Del Rey, Norah Jones, Paloma Faith, Haley Reinhart, and Anne Murray ( listening to atm 12/09/13 4:19AM).


Sorriees IDK how to put youtube videos into post like you guys =(

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Rachael Price from Lake Street Dive:


Just got their new double LP of Lake Street Drive/Fun Machine and I have to say it's worth the $20, just for the first side of Fun Machine.

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^^ cousin of a good friend of mine

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Kelly Sweet with her seductive voice ><


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Paula Seling



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