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Miss li have amazing voice and this song is so powerful!


But Laleh is my favourite Female artist, both amazing look, and great text + music and her voice is absolutely incredible. :)


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What a great thread with so many great artists, and i've only managed to go back 10 pages this evening :smile:

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ok folks, two things are about to happen here.. i'm going to show you an incredible band with a great female singer, and then i'm going to break the internet and post a band with a male singer!!!!!!!!!

only because this band is so freaking bad butt that it would be a crime not to share them.. not to mention that their singer is gosh darn incredible.  i highly recommend checking out all of the videos for both of these bands.  I'm not even really into this type of music anymore and this stuff still blows my mind!


oh and by the way THANKS MYTHON.. your FLR post led me to both of these band's musical insanity, and ruined the rest of my productivity for the day by the way ;-)



I Introduce to you:







and featuring the white swedish stevie wonder:   Dirty Loops

it was especially hard to choose just one video for this band because every single song they do is off the freakin chain. 

make sure you make it to the end for the sickest vocals ever!



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Not the best but I'm really enjoying Heather Janssen right now.
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Chibi (The Birthday Massacre)

Toni Halliday (Curve)

Anneke van Giersbergen (The Gathering)

Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil)

Free Dominguez (Kidneythieves)

Grog (Die So Fluid)

Loulou Ghelichkhani (Thievery Corporation)

Allison Mosshart (The Kills)

Kaitlyn Ni Donovan (The High Violets)

Katerina Prischepa (Natural Spirit - Sita Rosa)

Leigh Nash (Fauxliage)

Kristin Fjellseth (Pale Forest)

Ali Rogers (Puracane)

Juliette Beavan (8mm)

Jacqui Hunt

Pam Bricker

Nerina Pallot

Kirsty Hawkshaw

Shelley Harland

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Mutya Keisha Siobhan (MKS):



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Maybe not the best, but I am digging' Alanis Morisette right now

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Irish sisters, sings and plays violin, absolutely beautiful!


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what can i even say to introduce this video?...  Lets just say that whether you listen all the way through, or you skip to about 6:05 and give her a few seconds, you're probably going to hear something you've never heard come out of a human being in your life... certainly not on purpose.  Yes she is a good singer, but this is  Truly Amazing!!  You'll know it when you hear it, you cant miss it.


Lala Hathaway.



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Originally Posted by Silent One View Post


This singer has i.m.o. a strong Billie Holiday influence without imitating her.

Very well done. 

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Carrie Haber:


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My all-time favorite, Kelly Clarkson aka Kelegend Godson!



Also, the always fierce Shoshana Bean!



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It's gotta be Taylor Swift doesn't it?
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Natasha khan

bat for lashes

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Abi Murray:


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