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THE best female vocals? (your favorite female singers) - Page 100

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Also see:


Joan Armatrading

Tracy Chapman

Rita Ora

Karima Francis


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Leela James reminds me of a kind of cross between Stephanie McKay and Angie Stone:





Also see:


Lauryn Hill

Sasha Keable

Jazmine Sullivan

Joy Denalane


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Noora Noor:


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Emily and The Woods:





Also see:


Melissa Davison

Holly Kirby

Leddra Chapman


Billie Tweddle

Rachel Sermanni

Sarah McLachlan


Ruth Moody

Thea Gilmore

Maddy Carty


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Everything I post in this thread, I only do so after having first done a 'thread search' to check it hasn't already been posted, but I realise that some postings don't include text, so may slip through the search function.


I mention that, because this next one seems very slightly familiar to me for some reason, but it didn't appear in the thread search, so here goes:



Thea Gilmore:








Also see:


Rachel Sermanni

Leddra Chapman

Eddi Reader




Del Amitri:






Crowded House:






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Thanks so much for ALL the Fabulous performers you discover and post here. This is my favorite forum thanks to you and all who post favorite tunes.... put on my favorite headphones and gear combo, click, and get to watch and hear all these great performances. Hook up my Mac to my big plasma screen and room speakers to share the love with family and friends.


I think you need your own "station" where you post only your top picks of all you've posted and will post in the future...or, How about your "Top 40" list? I'd be really interested in what you think.


Keep 'em coming,



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Cheers, BMF. This has turned into a great thread over the past couple of years, what with everyone's great contributions, including yours and Br777's.


Re' the Top-40, the truth is, I find it hard to keep track of all this music!! LOL (once in a blue moon, I dip back into past posts in this thread and still find stuff I'd forgotten. One thing's for certain, though, and that is that one of these days I'm going to go on a spending spree at Amazon, armed with a stack of recommendations from this very thread).



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Liz Lawrence:


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Hindi Zahra:



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Lucy Kitt:




Also see:


Mary Chapin Carpenter

Antje Duvekot

Natalie Merchant

Lilly Ahlberg

Juliet Turner


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Elena Tonra (AKA 'Daughter'):



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Amy Holford:






Also see:


Stacey Kent

Lydia Gray


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Rachel Sermanni:


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Rachel Sermanni's nice; has a kind of 'elfen' quality about her.


More here:







Also see:


Georgia Ruth


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