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Any ideas for a Sennheiser HD650? The tank bag's a bit big?

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Double post.

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HD580 old bag B.jpg


It woeyks.

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Poor Penguin, she's never gonna see one of those motorized bicycles, ever again...

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Originally Posted by MDR30 View Post

HD580 old bag B.jpg

Cool, have to find a MC store. Any suggestions from bikers on the forum?

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LOL such an interesting thread. Will definitely keep watch biggrin.gif

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What's this? a brightly-hued folio pinched from your average 10-year olds room??




Wait, what is this thing poking out from the corner??




and what is this antenna-like assembly I see here??




AH! I see them Now!!





Custom Aluminum Shelled Grado SR225i with Hand-stitched Leather Headband in a PDP Pull&Go Folio for the Nintendo DS, $19.13 from the Local Walmart. Would have Preferred Black or Gray, but hey, it's better than the Pink or Neon Green options they had on the racks today, And, It is easy to spot from within a Bag full of the detritus of travel. I will probably also cut one of those pool noodles into the correct height to place at the center of the coiled-up cable, which will help the case stay more rigid and protect the Headband from getting crushed. The Case comes with some additional pockets and pouches that can be removed with a X-Acto Craft Knife to snip away the seams.


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Must have fallen a sleep for a few months. Oh well, back to reality. What we got here?




Not a vanity bag, for a change. That's good. No soap, no shampoo. But what?

No... don't tell me it's the Rhein gold of the HD1000 Charleston! Alberich, here I come!




Oh no, isn't that my luck, an obstacle that can only be overcome one way. Funny I didn't think of the beer cooler in post #10...




Sorry for the delay, but now the hard work is done. The liquids are all gone. It'll seem like long ago tomorrow. Stamina, stamina... never give up. Stiff uper lip! Hold your breath, don't wanna scare the rodents. Just saw one running up that palm tree. Here we go  again.




That's more like it, now we're talking my language.




Aah, just like a rabbit out of a hat! Isn't this thread just filled with hats and bags.




Allow me to peer for a second: yes, I think I've got it. This is definitely Viennese, long before they started talking mandarin.




AKG K501, $3 cooling bag with soft lining that keeps your headphones fresh in the summer heat.


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Now, rumour has it one boy pressed the wrong button when leaving the factory which produced 10 000 plastic boxes overnight. What to do with them?




No way a headband headphone can fit in there, reasoned the engineers, and handed over the task to one especially ingeniuos designer down the Strasse.




Some steel, some rivets, some thinking.




Hmm, is that an industrial armadillo mask replica?




My goodness, it unfolds!




To fit every noggin.




Ahh, it's the tortoise AKG K1 for travelling, carrying its own shell. Or, as the saying goes, "My head is my only house, unless it rains".




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Hello, bag time again. Thought I'd rewake your interest in headphone storing solutions - we invite all contributions!


Sony MDR-V5 a.jpg


That's what I'd call neat.


Sony MDR-V5 b.jpg


But it's hardly the shape and size of a pair of headphones, is it? A school pencil bag? No, we're too old for that.


Sony MDR-V5 c.jpg


Hmmm, that gold badge rings a bell - L or R? And god, it is the size and shape of a pair of headphones!


Sony MDR-V5 d.jpg


Now that's a classic headband, used for ages, flakes and all. Ogden's nut gone flake!


Sony MDR-V5 e.jpg


Aaah! The 1986 Sony MDR-V5, ten years ahead of it's time, perfect for commuting mp3 playing.


IKEA accessory bag, 5 bucks.

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Originally Posted by ukkisavosta View Post

I have an uncontrollable urge to fabricate a box and/or bag for my 'phones just to be able to post in this thread.


Wait. The Superluxes were delivered in a bag and there aren't that many photos around...


In this thread, a commitment is a commitment. Bag pics, please.

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Is it an HDMI splitter




Nope a pair of SR60i





Monoprice has very high quality boxes

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This old thread is gold! this one deserves to come back to life...

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