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IE8 cable?

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I'm looking for a replacement cable (stock) but I can't seem to find them anywhere?

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why would you need a replacement cable? the one supplied with the headphones is reinforced with kevlar :L


Anyway, I would phone up sennheiser (their number is on their website) and they will be able to supply you with a new one, they've managed to get hold of plenty of spare parts for me

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well to be honest I'm not really in need to buy one

mine's new and I know it's kelvar reinforced

but you's nice to know it's easy to get a hold a replacement so that i can be less careful with mine XD

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It dosen't say on that it has a Kevlar®-reinforced cable like they say for example on the CX680. If it had such a cable i think they will surely specify it. I think the marketing department would praise this important feature. So what makes you so sure?

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I'd suggest trying for official Sennheiser IE8 replacement cables.


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