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Looking for phones @~$70

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So yeah, basically I am a noob searching for new phones (I'm open for both headphone/IEM recommendations) for my Sansa Fuze (no amp). From what I've heard, a-JAYS Two and Head-Direct RE-2 are quite nice and go well with my player.

Any other ideas?


The music would be mostly Metal (Metallica, Ministry, Electric Wizard, Dream Theater, Earth), Rock (Nine Inch Nails, Misfits, Melt-Banana, Rise Against) and some other things (Kraftwerk, Venetian Snares, Einstürzende Neubauten, a bit of JPop)...

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What's your general sound preference? Exciting, neutral, warm, etc. That would definitely help narrow it down, because within the same price range sound isn't as much better as it is different.

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Hmm... I guess I'm a bit on the warm, exciting side...

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I think Brainwavz M2 (60$) / M3 (90$; 80 during presale (until tomorrow)) would be more appropriate for you. From what I've heard, RE0 is very analytical whereas you seem to prefer a fun, warm sound. If you want detail, the Sunrise SW-Xcape (80$) could also be for you (often described as a warmer RE0). 


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Anything more? I was thinking about buying headphones, but I'm not sure about isolation and my player's capability to drive them. Is that true?

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Of course there are much more, but considering the genres you listen to and the reviews from renowned users (namely ClieOS and ljokerl), these two are pretty much the very best you can get for ~70$.


I don't know too much about headphones. I only own one pair and prefer IEMs a lot. Better isolation, ore comfortable, your ears don't get hot, you only need ~volume 16 whereas headphones would need ~30. So yeah, I guess what you wrote is true.

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So OK, I'll think about them. I'm not really sure if those $80 phones are still within my price range, but I still have time until tomorrow to decide...

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Meh, looks like I missed the presale. Had no idea that PayPal needs 2-4 days to get money from account (first time using it) and $90 is definitely off-limits

So yeah, Brainwavz M2 or Sunrise SW-Xcape now? I know it has been answered, but it's good to have some alteratives (I think)...

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Until now, every Brainwavz earphone has had at least two pre-sale periods. I suggest waiting a month or so, maybe you'll find someone who gives you his M1/M2 10$ code. As the current pre-sale probably ends tomorrow, you could also ask someone you know who has a credit card to buy it for you and give him the money.


EDIT: It seems that the newsletter email I received that says that presale would end tomorrow was wrong ... I still think you should just wait a month or two.

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Well TBH, if I wanted to wait "1-2 months", I'd have more (~$35-50) money, but to be honest I'm getting tired of waiting, so it's not the thing I'd like...
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Fischer Audio Silver Bullet is another option, I prefer them and Xcape over Brainwavz M2 which are too warm and not spacious enough for my taste.

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Yeah, heard that they sound good, but on the other hand I also heard about their well... not exactly best build quality (at least Bullets' cable - not really sure about Eternas)...

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