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... But with a Cowon EQ, bassy is relative. Any half decent headphone can be made to have more bass, brightness, warmth, etc. through the use of an EQ, though it's much harder to go the other way, towards a natural accurate sound, that is why I recommend the Mc5, because it can do both quite well. I still enjoy listening to bass heavy music by Black Eyed Peas... the EQ on my S9 works wonders! Helps me enjoy most any genre without switching earphones, whether that genre requires articulation, treble, bass, vocals, or most anything else, My S9 and Mc5 are quite capable of dishing it out.



If you are semi-decent with EQ, you can tune the headphones to whatever you want to hear. In that case, the MC5 is a great choice for you. However, I would probably still recommend the HJE900 because it has great SQ but also has great build quality.